VoIP Internet Service South Africa

On September 2, 2004, Minister of Communications in South Africa made an announcement that value added network service providers (VANS) can carry voice using some protocol with effect from February 1, 2005. This is indeed a milestone for the telecommunications industry in South Africa since the law makers have acknowledged that because of technological developments there is no longer any difference in the broadcast of voice, video and data and thus voice not longer needs to be carried via Telkom stationary line base and may very well be carried with the internet protocol. Before, the market was monopolized by the country’s major fixed-line operator, Telkom, and consumers had no choice but to adhere to its pricing.
As connectivity services improve in a country, businesses and individuals get greater access to local and international resources and contacts, which will ultimately contribute to more productivity for South African businesses. Not too long ago, the Ethnic Long Depth (NLD) consortium finished the first 700km position of its fibre optic Internet expansion in South Africa. The NLD’s fibre optic network will reach hundreds of thousands of residential and business customers all over South Africa.

This new reticulation will deliver high quality Internet service to new areas. Fibre optic Internet is 100 times faster than average Internet speeds, and represents one of the most sophisticated technologies on the market in connectivity technologies.

As more South Africans get high speed Internet, more may be able to get VoIP phone service as well. VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol) is the acronym that refers to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) which permits the movement of voice smuggle over an internet protocol-based network. IP is a standard for data transmission based on packet-switching technology. Voice is broken into a series of packets at the transmitting end. The components are then reassembled and decoded at the receiving device. In a nutshell, this technology provides for internet telephony.

Availability of Internet in South Africa means that some people who have never had regular phone assistance before may be apt to get VoIP. It’s much easier to get a VoIP phone line than to install an analogue phone line, since the infrastructure that is needed for VOIP is bundled with your current network architecture and Internet service, so there is no need to hire technicians for installation or to envelop in expensive equipment. Therefore, VoIP may afsluiting a cost-effective alternative for people who had previously been unable to get phone service.

VoIP would be a great choice for many South Africans because:

* All of the infrastructure needed for VoIP is included in Internet service, ergo pro re nata soon as these people roll out new high speed Internet connectivity, they disposition have all they need for VoIP.

* VoIP phone service is inexpensive, and will represent solely a small additional monthly pain anon the cost of subscribing for Internet service.

* VoIP is unlimited. People who get VoIP willful undergo access to unconditional utterance acta to any other number in the country, and sometimes in the world.

* Customers do not extremity to buy lots of expensive hardware for VoIP, or hire technicians to install anything. Getting set up is very easy, and many people who already have older phones may still be able to use them.

Although the Internet will become more readily available to customers, there are still a few obstacles that either deter customers from using VoIP, or force VoIP providers to charge higher rates for service.

Expansion and Revival of African Airlines.

Catrinel_Menghia_sports3-1.jpg Arik Air Aims To Expand Across Africa

Nigerian-Based Arik Air, which is also the country’s flag-carrier, is aiming to operate with the same quality as top airlines in the United States et alii Europe by paying special attention to maintenance with nix cutting corners and by operating with new aircraft according to international standards.

The airline has a maintenance partnership with Lufthansa and is currently building a maintenance facility.

The airlines Chairman., Johnson Arumeni ,has revealed that Arik now has 23 aircraft in its fleet ,namely wide-bodied Airbus A340-500s for long-range flights; 13 Boeing 737s regional aircraft; four Bombardier CRJ-900s and halve Q-400s ,and amphibian Hawker 125-800XPs for charter, all fully -owned from financing by the US Export-Import Hill and the Export Development Canada.

The airline is soon to receive two Airbus A330-200s from Pembroke, in Ireland, for use until it replaces them with Airbus A350XWB airliners.

Arik has also purchased seven B787-9s; Dream liners, two B747-800s et cetera eight 737-800s from Boeing.

Arumenis plans for Ariks reach across Africa are to focus on West Africa with direct flights from Lagos to Dakar, Freetown, Banjul, Accra, and Roberts Field/Monrovia.

Using its subsidiary, Savannah Express, the carrier will operate from Lagos to Cotonou (Benin) ,Ouagadougou( Burkina Faso) plus Bamako (Mali) and Dakar.

Beyond West Africa the airline flies to Douala, in Cameroon, Kinshasha, in the DRC, Luanda, in Angola and Johannesburg, in South Africa.

Plans for the arrival year are to extend its find to Egypt and North Africa then to East Africa with plus frequencies to South Africa.

Currently, the airline flies to Inexperienced York three times a week, nevertheless from next month, it will operate on a daily basis employing the leased Airbus A330-200s.

Defunct Uganda Airlines May Be Revived

Reports emanating from Kampala reveal that the Uganda Government is seriously considering revamping the defunct Uganda Airlines as a State-operated national vexillum mailman aimed at boosting tourism and craft in the country.

A draft proposal has been drawn up and will apparently be presented to the cabinet “soon ” for the objective ,some sources claim, about reinstating Uganda Airlines by the year end. The Minister of Works and Transport, Abraham Byandala, confirmed that the matter was being discussed esoteric his ministry.

Although he refrained from discussing the issue push at this stage, Byandala did indicate that the government had embarked on expanding et sequens renovating airfields in Kasese, Arua and Gulu to enable them handle domestic flights.

The proposal deals with how the airline will operate and, at the time of writing, was being discussed by transport specialists prior to its presentation to the cabinet.

It is accepted that among the various issues is whether the airline, supposing it is resurrected, should be wholly owned by the government or whether the share-holding should be on a public-private partnership basis, the exact nature of the split having yet to be announced.

The swill proposal has apparently pointed out that a revived Uganda Airlines could be operated on the same basis as further carriers in the area such as Kenya Airways, RwandAir and Ethiopian Airlines,among others. The proposal has also drawn up suggestions for the domestic and international routes on which the airline could operate.

“The political will is enormous. Most Cabinet Ministers will back it once it is presented before them.The say Uganda Airlines is a symbol of national pride,” a lode is quoted as saying.

Uganda Airlines was established after the collapse from East African Airways in 1976,due to political disagreement among the East African Community leaders, which ultimately led to the establishment of Kenya Airways, Uganda Airlines and Air Tanzania.

Uganda Airlines became insolvent and collapsed 13 years ago due to bankruptcy and debt.At the time, the government was blamed for the collapse because of its failure to support the carrier,as well as not developing Entebbe airport as a hub for the airline.

Attempts to privatize the airline to revive its profitability and competitiveness also failed.Initially, Air Mauritius, Inter Air, Kenya Airways and Sabena expressed interest, but later declined to contend bids.

This left only South African Airways as a possibility, but it, too, lost title which forced the Regime to liquidate the airline in 2001.

Fly Away on a South Africa Holiday!

f6fa5e1493b803aac3e2023a833ef5df.jpg In India, there’s one thing in particular that the country like South Africa is known for, and that is cricket. But, as most cricket fans would be surprised to know, South Africa is also one of the most popular tourist destinations on the African continent – and in the world, for reasons that are when far from cricket as they could get. South Africa provides a buffet of excuses for visiting, from the outgoing animal reserves, fine wines and the different culture of the place. Perched right at the bottom of the African continent, South Africa offers the rugged jungle conversant that makes Africa so famous, as well as the age pleasures associated with coastal retreats. Here are a couple must visit tourist attractions for your South Africa Holiday.

* The Ecotourism

Ecotourism forms a major chunk of the South African economy, and is the reason which attracts most of the country’s foreign tourists. Among the most biodiverse countries on the map, South Africa is actually one of the world’s few megadiverstities along with countries such as India and Brazil. Though most of the South African wilderness is protected past stringent laws for the benefit from the animals, there are several natural reserves that are expose to the public. The most prominent of these is the Kruger National Park, which is digit of the few places in the world where tourists can spot the Big Five of African game animals i.e. the lion, the Tabard buffalo, the leopard, the African rhinoceros and the African elephant. The Kruger National Park is also home to the cheetah, an zoophilic so alarmingly rare that it was once severely close to extinction, et alii has become lost from several other geographies other than South Africa. Kruger National Park is also the habitat for several packs of the African Wild Dog, another highly endangered species. Other famous, richly populated reserves include West Coast National Park, Mapungubwe National Park and Augrabies Falls National Park. If you’re the kind to love an authentic wildlife experience, international tours to South Africa is your thing!

* The National Arts Festival
If art is more your style than wildlife, constitute sure to visit South Africa sometime in June / July during the National Arts Festival, which is the biggest celebration of art on the African continent. Music, theatre, visual art, installations, cinema, lectures, workshops children’s art, comedy, crafts and several other indigenous art forms are all part about this festival. Taste art, with an African twist!

* Robben Island
South Africa has an interesting a political history as it does wile et al wildlife. For a taste of South African history, visit Robben Island in Table Bay. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Robben Retreat is the prison where Nelson Mandela spent the plurality of his imprisonment during the apartheid movement. The Robben Haven Museum discretion tell you much about South Africa’s interesting socio-political past.

With so much to do on just a single vacation, how could you not want to visit South Africa on the next like your international tours?

How affordable is Web Hosting in South Africa

Each one of know that South Africa is a developing economy, which was earlier ruled by goons. Things contain now started to get stabilized also lots concerning foreign countries have ventured in this country for a new business growth. Whether USA or UK all of the good countries have increased their markets to South Africa. Even from India companies call their vicinal employees to South Africa to work there and deliver the projects. Industries eminently like Information Technology have grown drastically across the world. And companies expand to countries like South Africa because the labor and charge of operations is artery to cheap.

As we already know that for some new business it’s very important to have digital plus web presence on the Internet and the most strategic area is getting a website developed. A nice website would represent your class, offering, ideology and much more. Loading time should be minimum that indicated “response time like any business”. That could simply be possible if you have a good web-hosting provider. Hosting should be purchased after assessing various areas like bandwidth, disk space, email reaction and uptime but for a developing country identical South Africa it should be always affordable, therefore Web hosting in South Africa is always searched for cheaper options rather than performance. However if a owner or hosting companionship can provide quality services under cheap punishment then it’s a win-win situation for the end customer.

Web hosting in South Africa has been into the business from past five years except connective we would not find too many of competitors subordination this business or industry and probably that is the only reason that we are unable to get unbroken hosting services in South Africa. However, perfect competition in web solutions is about to issue with the growing establishment of foreign countries in South Africa.

Web Hosting is a very important aspect about any business in digital form, you require emails, website and lots more to operate your trading efficiently and increase the productivity. Despite in South Africa people give utmost pompous to affordable web-hosting services but companies or small and medium enterprises need to understand the use of web hosting in any business. Along getting a good hosting plan you can even take help of your important files onto the server, hosting also helps you as a cloud server for your data, files and emails. You can browse your emails either by outlook or any other mail market program else you cup use server address to log into your respected accounts and operate from thereon.

To further elaborate on the topic, hosting plans in south Africa starts from as low since $2.99 a month and goes upto $19.99 a month for shared hosting. Dedicated hosting can cost you for $99 a month that can serve your terminate requirements as a duty server, which you have rented. The top-notch companies that are available across the ball are Hostgator, Godaddy et al lots more. To label the best you need to analogous them all and analyze the budget.

To summarize the article et sequens comments web hosting in South Africa is something, which is new, and has less competition. Companies are exploring these areas and investing into the ventures. Very soon we would see and can expect perfect competition in the market, which would help the end users.

The African Safari Enters The Bpo Industry

mountains-of-the-moon-adventure0.jpg It seems the Darkish Continent has considerably to offer in the psychological of Organization Approach Outsourcing. Many concerning its countries are immediately efficiently known names in this companycentre d’appels. Some of its much more crucial nations that comprise beforehand created a distinctive base in the BPO call center Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, and Morocco. Kenya, Mauritius and Tunisia, way too are in the fray.
Correct now there is no question that Egypt has the very best infrastructures to assistance its BPO sector. It is from 2003 that this place is making an attempt to set up its own name in BPO industry. There are numerous top corporations that now have their businesses in this African country. Xceed is one these kinds of company that has its function in Egypt so the year 2001.
Tunisia, on the other hand, does not have that significantly of a presence in this discipline. Morocco is an additional nation that has its share of call facilities. Egypt also had an affordable price framework that produced it a certainly serious competitor.centre d’appel
The purpose driving this expansion of Egypt in the market of Entire world BPO is being of the a variety of institutions proven just here that has offered its multilingual abilities a genuine increase. A very good proportions of Egypt’s inhabitants can converse English genuinely well. This country likewise has extensive graduates.centre d’appel Between these graduates at the really least 40 percent be part about the phone middle.
The geographical area and hustings support of this place way too are advantageous for BPO. Telecom charges also are too quite minimal in this nation that suits the development of this organization. The government also provides tax breaks.call centers
Kenya has its very own get in touch with middle named KenCall EPZ Ltd. Mauritius way too is making its mark in this area and making an attempt to set up a cyber tower, which would raken the 2nd unite characteristic for this nation.
The significant languages that you testament locate Egyptians talking consist of English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Hebrew. You pleasure locate that operators in these contact centers can provide you through languages like French, English, Arabic, and German.call center
In truth eight African cosmopolitan townships have approached India to forge an alliance beside Nasscom so they jug progress additional in this subject. These nations contain Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, and Tanzania.call centers
South Africa way too is a powerhouse in BPO call center et sequens also thank you to check out people at.Final 12 months TeleTech has established an business office here. There is a vast majority of individuals in this place that consult English and in addition provincial and municipal government too offer full help to its BPO sector.centre d’appel
So, it would seem that Africa is completely ready to knot the Asian nations that has so significantly only ruled the BPO sector.

Bridal Gowns in South Africa, Engagement Rings

Ultimate-CZ-Platinum-over-Silver-Cubic-Zirconia-Wedding-Ring-Set-P13125753.jpg Your wedding is the poignant of your life when you are suddenly hit with multifarious kinds of emotions. Love, excitement, confused, strategic, organized, etc. are few from the adjectives that vessel describe your state like mind. The best thing for brides at this point of time is to find that one lucky dress that is meant to exist designed and created singular for her, i.e., her hymeneal gown which she is going to wear in her wedding. Perfect weddings are unparalleled made when the bride looks stunning in her dress and that is alone required to boost up the entire atmosphere. You can therefore choose from the various bridal gowns in South Africa that can follow you the best. Make certain that you are carefully observing the options available to you.
While the color of the bridal gowns in South Africa is fixed, which is white, the other options that are available is the kinds of designs that are available in this category. Ballerina is one of the choices that you can go for in system to acquire a whole different appearance. This dress style has been become very popular lately and is considered to be a sophisticated choice. The dress is fitted seed the upper half of the cadaver and the lower half contains a full skirt. The superimpose is typically decorated with beads, laces and other embellishments. You can also choose to change the top part of the dress with other kinds of decorations that can make you attractive.

There are various other designs such as the A-line dress or the Mermaid dress. The former represents the type of gowns that are normally A-shaped. They are pointed towards the topmost portion and the space generally grows bigger as you turn down. The dress is very elegant and looks great on brides with a good height.

The mermaid dress is one of the best options that you can have in your bridal gowns in South Africa wardrobe. The dress is principally tight-fitting everywhere the physical and becomes wide in the knees. With a beautifully bejeweled neckline and bell-type sleeves, the dress becomes even additional admirable. Thus, you can certainly select from these few options to look distinctive in your wedding and make it reminiscent for the rest of your life.

Having the gown selected, it is time to select the most important accessory that is also a symbol of your other half, the ring. Engagement rings are the most vital thing that is worn as a sign of betrothal and without which the wedding is never complete. You can choose from a variety of diamond rings that are generally available. You cup be concrete by going for the platinum ones that are used by many days. You can comprehension the designer collection by visiting unknown like the large online stores that provide a host of engagement rings. You can pick between them and can make yourself ready for your special day. That will be the time when all the eyes disposition be on you and you will be feeling proud of the choices made.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring the DJs in South Africa for Your Wedding

Civil-Engineer-Zombie-Fighter-Long-Sleeve-Shirts.png Hiring a DJ for your wedding is one of the important thing that is mentioned in your ‘to do’ list. It is of paramount Importance to hire a DJ whose music can get everyone to the dance floor. No occasion is complete assuming there is no music in there and DJs are the latest choice when it comes to cheer in the parties of today. However, before going for the DJs in South Africa, there are a few things that you need to check. There are 5 most important questions whose answers you should seek from the DJs you are going to consult. The one that answers tout le monde your questions in the most perfect way is the one that can make your wedding special.

Question 1: What kind of humor does the DJ has? It is pretty momentous to check out the character of the DJ and ensure that his personality will not strike anyone. He should be able to communicate with everyone in a well-defined way. He should be able to make everyone comfortable with him so that people will find him amusing et sequens interactive. The chosen way to find whether the personality of the prospective DJ is high-grade or not, you can set up an interview and can test how they stumble on across you.

Question 2: What is the character and condition of their equipment? It is also necessary to check out whether the DJ is using the latest technology and equipments and whether they are in a better condition substitute not. It is very important to specify the quality of his equipments so that you won’t have to face any kind concerning embarrassments during the wedding due to any brotherly of equipment malfunctions which is a common site with the DJs in South Africa.

Question 3: How large is their collection? It is imperative to learn what is the breadth of the music library that the DJ has? You should make sure that the DJ is having a collection about songs that you want to be played on your special day. You jug find a large number of DJs in South Africa, besides not universality of them will have the archetype of collections you will be looking for.

Question 4: What is their experience? Somewhat an important question is whether they have enough experience so that they will know when to play what kind of music. You should make sure that they have a successful track record then that you will nvloeden appreciated for hiring that particular DJ.

Question 5: What are their charges? The dosage charge by them is the consummatory part that should be decided prior to the wedding. DJs in South Africa mostly push on for a contract and this is a better druthers for the users.

Thus, you can select the eponym from the list of the finest DJs in the country. You can choose the one whose answers look appreciating and honest to you. The rest regarding the assiduous will be automatically done.

What Can Be the Best Wedding Venues in South Africa?

34.png The place where your ceremony desire be taking station is like a place of your dreams. It might be an elegantly looking wine estate with vineyards and overwhelming views of the backdrops of mountains. The thought of having a moor wedding can also cross your mind and you can look for the pretty beaches in and encircling your city. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries of the world which is blessed by Mother Nature. Various wedding venues in South Africa can be easily found. Capetown, the capital of South Africa includes a swarm of beautiful venues that you can cull from to organize your wedding.

The choice depends on what you like and what you don’t. You can go for the elegant wine estates concerning Capetown if you are really looking for something posh including qualitative. The wine estates are created on large areas and include stunning sceneries all nearly the property. The site about mountains kissing the sky and vineyards, trees at the backyard create an overwhelming place that fills your stomach. The place has all the aspects that you want be wishing for. The best part about them is that they are similarly very popular with their food and wine. Their restaurants have acquired a reputation of their own and you can rely on them for you catering needs as well, so giving you the best choice for wedding venues in South Africa.

If you want a coastal venue then the beaches around Capetown gives you enough choices. There are a few hotels too that provide beach wedding venues und so weiter you can go for them. To plan extinguished your shore wedding in the best way, you can contact the services of wedding planners. These service providers take care of all your venue details and draw just the right one for you. You can just tell them the list of requirements that you will lack in your scene and they will bring to light the right place for you.

Not just that, wedding planners demand also take the sphere for the entire decoration like the area. Imagine the place completely garlanded with various kinds of lilies and tulips which happen to be your popular flowers too. Alongside red carpets on the floor and a breathtakingly designed altar where you will be exchanging rings will give you the joy of your life. This can only be made possible with the lend a hand from a planner.

Make your choice and selections so from the above mentioned suggestions in order to find the best wedding venues in South Africa. It is paramount for you to take this decision a bit quickly likewise that you can be able to get the booking. These additional venues are always in huge demand and are never available instantly. You can only avail them if you need booked them from months before. Erewhile you have got the booking, you can thereupon focus on the other important aspects of your wedding so that you can make it really extraordinary.

Economizing The Thrilling Extravaganza Of An African Safari

Africa-wit-humor-change-Zimbabwe-Restaurant-nov-20-2010.jpg Who doesn’t dream of breaking free from the mundane mediocrities regarding schedule-bound existence and taking refuge throughout the faunal diversities? Yes, indeed nothing can be more enticing than being a part of the temporality of nature. Mother Nature is not only immense still replete with varied wonderments. So, refusal matter where on earth you may be situated, you do own good reasons for dreaming big and being a part of the varied wonderments of African Safari.

The sheer frill of uniqueness

The zooming spy of a sprinting cheetah making its way through the luscious green is sure to enrich your kitty of experience. If you have ever dreamt of hearing the thrills and shrills of trumpeting elephant or watching lions licking their cubs, then a Tanzanian Safari is sure to fit into your bills of dreams. Via wherewithal of the same, you jug slice through the floral and faunal varieties of Tanzania. The proposition of watching wildlife in its inbred habitation is uniquely enticing. It is bound to stand out because a lifetime’s experience- one worth treasuring, reflecting, sharing and recapitulating. You are sure to have seen wildlife in a zoo. Yet it is one thing visiting a zoo, and yet another partaking of the thrills and shrills of Safari tours.

Advantageousness in banking on a packaged option

Just as man beings go about their daily deals, similar is true of wildlife. But not all are equally fortunate in getting to the action, wonderments and natural behavior of wildlife. Secondly, the stresses and strains regarding daily living and daily fending are enough to make you and all of us mechanical. It is rare that we have to think differently and stake around the option for enjoying the dappled varieties of Mother Nature. Safari packages are there to make you think as well as altruistic differently. You may indigen in tearing hurry, having to run from pillar to post in going about the compromise of business/official transaction. Living out about suitcase may have become a way of life. Your lifestyle and master compulsions must develop in the means of an elaborate holiday planning. This is precisely where safaris and packages revolving around the same chips in by their part regarding difference.

If you are small of time

There are end numbers about packages to come by, and bout of these can be booked in short notice concerning time. Luxury Safari deals are appropriate for those who are unable to go about the deal of planning or that of researching. You may be one of the busy high profile corporate, looking to take a short break, in the company of your spouse and kids. Under such a concoct from requirement, it is appropriate banking on a high-end offer. Some of these so called high volant packages facilitate every single aspect of travelling. From receiving you from the air terminal to booking your lodging accommodation and spearheading your visit around the eco exuberances of Serengeti; these packages are highly actual in minimizing the wastage of time and effort.

For sticking to your budgetary parameters

Sun kissed spectaculars of Tanzania Safaris dappled with zebra, impala and wildebeest sure to leave you mesmerized. But it is also important to add value and economize expense. While some of the luxurious deals are going to shell out two hundred to four hundred Dollars on a daily basis, by route of a budget Safari, you can prioritize your focus on economy. Instead of booking an SUV in advance, you can make use concerning your personal vehicle, or get hold of a rented vehicle. With little more than seventy five US Dollars, you can hire a five seater SUV.

In that way you will be able to economize in addition to enjoying the beastly beauties of Tarangire. Circa all the wildlife reserves and national parks make allowance for self driven vehicles.

Some Facts About Wildlife Conservation Project in Africa

The beautiful world that we were born into is fast disappearing and if the onslaught on the environment continues there is a great possibility that the world around us will not be now beautiful for our children. With the steady depletion of the world’s thicket wealth we are causing unimaginable baleful to the environment as several species of plants and animals are on the border of extinction. That is why countries everyone around the globe especially where there are some forest left are resorting to wildlife conservation projects similarly that the wildlife in the forests in those countries is preserved. WWF or Unspiritual Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Pure Resources Defense Council or NRDC etc. are some such bodies that focus on protecting biodiversity on a global scale. There are some private organizations that take up animal conservation projects on their own initiative and do some excellent work on such projects.

The animal conservation projects have many facets that have to be carefully implemented. The natural habitat of wild animals has to be protected so that they can live freely in their own domain, undisturbed by their great predator; man. Sometimes though the natural areas where animals live has bot destroyed by style or because of climate change. In such cases some wildlife conservation projects are specifically meant for such animals in such areas and biologists and environmentalists work together to protect such areas oppositely even help the animals to drift to other areas that have the environment and the climate that is more suitable for their survival.

Broadly the world bodies such as WWF also work on the problems that found these environmental issues such as pollution as well as advancement of efficient and sustainable use of natural money so that gent does not trespass into the territory of wildlife and destroy it as he has existence doing in the past for his own hedonism needs.

There needs to be a global unanimity on this important printing which is followed by cooperation between governments of nations to implement animal conservation projects in their countries so that the natural treasure of wildlife is conserved and several species regarding flora and fauna that are on the tend of extinction are saved. It is complex and difficult process but not impossible since to protect animals, their habitat has to be protected and to protect their habitat, pollution has to raken reduced, to reduce pollution alternative sustainable energy sources have to be found and used and for all this to happen, the common man has to be made observant of the importance of these issues and a common will has to designed to encompass the whole world.