Get the Best Car Rental in South Africa for Memorable Safari Experience

An African safari is a splendid pragmatic where you can acquirement up close with nature and experience the thrill of watching and appreciating the wildlife. From the extensive flora et cetera fauna in South Africa to the grand mountain ranges, South Africa is your place to be on a vacation. By far, this southern African country is one of the most aerial locations for holidays plus family trips in the world.

Much like tourism, the standard of transportis also a deciding factor to ensure that you have a happy stay et alii holiday experience in South Africa. You can get the best car rental service in the belt if you know exactly what you are looking for. From 4×4 vehicles, luxury SUVs, individual car rentals or even group car rental in South Africa, one can be amazed at the variety available here.

There are many car rental companies that offer quality service to the tourists and visitors to the region. The foremost thing that digit needs to keep in mind before hiring a car rental service provider is that the condition of the vehicle, courteous service and the best price should becombined in uno package. There should be no hidden costs while negotiating for the best car rental deal for your ultimate safari time.

There is a wide range like options available, to choose from. You exigence to unequivocal whether you would like a guided tour with tourist support and a guide or whether you would prefer to tour on your own in a self-driven vehicle. There are 4×4, 4WD vehicle use or rental free for tourists. Car hire in South Africa is much easier than in other parts of the globe. Separate can also get in touch with safari organizers and analogous companies that propitiation hardtop rental services to tourists who visit this region for a safari experience and enjoying the wildlife.

The popular options in car rental in South Africa are the off road vehicles (4WD/4×4). They are widely used for safaris and traveling the length and breadth about the forest and desert areas in this region. The use of well-equipped Toyota Land Cruises and Toyota Hilux vehicles are used for safari and other off road excursionsand are amongst the most popular. There are plenty of other vehicles available in this regard.

Therefore, one needs to select a vehicle carefully and hire only the superordinate vehicle for ones stay et cetera travel in South Africa. One should not shy away from researching the ultimacy car rental service provider in the region instead even asking ones travel agents almost the same.

Egypt hotels: Capture the magic of Africa with Nile Dahabyia trip

If you are looking for a holiday alongside a difference, then Egypt is the place to head to. It is a treasure trove of ancient civilization and mingles it beautifully with the modern day charms. The please of the pyramids and the tombs has always been its biggest deduce just its food, culture, geography including hotels too are as good as one can expect from the best. It is a fascinating country made of dreams and phantasmagoria, which will leave you stunned and shaken. At the end of the day, until you resign at your Egypt hotels, you will have a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your lips.

Some people may be in a dilemma about the time required to observe the unlimited charms of this country. Ideally, you should stay for at least a week in Egypt, if not more. The capital city of Cairo must be one of the must-visit destinations. It will simply crapulent up 3 days of your schedule because concerning its changeable sightseeing attractions. Then there is the Giza, the apartment to the paramount pyramids and the grand sphinx. You cannot miss out on Giza which also houses the largest pyramid in the country. Opposite must-visit attractions like Memphis Saqqara, Citadel of Quait Bey and Khan el Khalili markets must also be included in your itinerary.

And at least a day or two must be reserved for enjoying a Nile Dahabyia tour. Dahabyia is a ship-like vessel which is designed to imitate the traditional vessels of the Pharaohs. It can be boarded for getting a closer view of the river which has been the cradle of humanity for thousands of years. The Nile, simply, looks breathtaking from a Dahabeya and the tourists get to witness most regarding the grand monuments right from the ship. The trip is planned in a manner that the ship takes a course which is filled with attractions, pyramids, temples and other delights. Dahabeya promotion offers are provided by a number of travel operators. You can find them on the net easily.

If you have time at your hand, then you necessity also check published the city of Luxor. It has some incredible attractions like the famed Luxor temple, the tombs of the Nobels, Excursion to the West Bank, and Excursion to the East Bank. Sharm el Sheikh is also an breathtaking destination with great beaches and exotic Egypt hotels. It is reputed for snorkeling at a site called Ras Mohamed. The site from Colored Canyons also deserves a visit for its natural beauty. Another town which will interest an cavalier freak is the Hurghada. Quad Biking and snorkeling are popularly enjoyed in this corner of the country.

There are some top-class itineration operators that are directly associated with the country’s top hotels and sightseeing locales. They can help you book a Nile Dahabyia and possess the river’s magnificence at a very affordable budget. The Dahabeya promotion websites also assist you in reserving your seat on a pre-scheduled trip. Plus, you can book hotels of various classes and stay like a prince even at a limited budget.

Benefits of Internet Marketing in South Africa for Your Website

Internet research has become an important tool for people to frame decisions regarding their purchases. Companies have also started understanding the advantage about internet marketing for their business. So, businesses have started investing more in internet marketing South Africa. If you are the owner of a company, local or otherwise, here are a few reasons why investing in SEO South Africa is a good idea.
*Internet marketing in South Africa is the most efficient method of reaching extinguished to your target customer. Marketing becomes effective when it is targeted to a desired customer group. Internet marketing helps brands to achieve just that.

*Internet marketing is a lot cheaper as compared to conventional forms of marketing like TV ads, print ads, bill boards etc. Internet marketing campaigns like email campaigns and newsletters cost almost nothing. Hence, Internet marketing South Africa delivers the desired results without large investments.

*Communication passage emails, online chats and video conferences is not nothing but less expensive, but is yet less time consuming as compared to long mileage phone calls, direct mails etc.

*The results achieved through SEO South Africa can be easily measured. Measuring results is very prominent because you would like to know how successful your marketing campaign has been. Unlike traditional marketing methods, in internet marketing, you can actually keep a matter of how many concealed customers were reached through the campaign.

*Internet marketing is fossilized up for sincere instant results ampersand you can make changes or modifications in real time.

*Internet marketing campaigns can be carried out throughout the day unlike conventional marketing methods. TV ads for example are triumphant only during primetime and newspaper ads when they reside a sizeable portion of the main page in the morning newspaper. Marketing mails on the other hand can be sent at any time during the lifetime and the shopper would notice them whenever he or she opens his or hier mailbox.

*SEO South Africa allows you to customize your marketing campaigns to reach people of a particular geographic region or age group. You can easily define the target sort for your campaign.

*Products that carry a large estimation tag require you to procure in touch with your customer multiple numbers concerning times; this is something that can be achieved with internet marketing South Africa.

*Even when you are using paid search in internet marketing campaigns, they would come out to be again cost effective in the sempiternal scuttle as compared to ancestral methods like marketing. You can adjust your paid search methodologies to find absent the ad that works better for a given set of keywords. This way you would reduce your expenditure on online ads and at the same time would increase the number of leads that your ads generate.

*SEO South Africa is also important because many people share information about products through social networking websites semblance Facebook, LinkedIn etc. A recommendation from a peer increases the chances of a sale.

Book a dream holiday through South African travel agents

Has it been a while since you enjoyed a quality holiday and do you feel in desperate need of a little break right now? Moreover much work and not enough downtime isn’t a brilliant mix so a little rest and recuperation could be just what you need inalienable now. Why not ask South African drive agents about their peachy vacation packages they could tailor a holiday to your definite needs? South African travel agents provide their customers with a fabulous service and it’s a pleasure to book a vacation through leading companies like Travel Buzz. If you fancy seeing new places and enjoying new cultures form South African travel agents your primary porthole of call. Tell South African travel agents you want to explore the world and charter them tailor a package that takes care of all your individual requirements.
Enjoy a quality liturgy from South African travel agents
Know where you want to travel this year? That’s brilliant! Just give South African cover ground agents the details. Whether you want to tour the USA, see the sights of Europe or obliviousness on a snow-filled prank in the Swiss Alps South African travel agents have the contacts, the experience and the industry knowhow to provide you with vacation packages that fulfil all your wants and desires. It’s a one-stop service with South African travel agents they listen to your requirements then pass thorough about your expectations. Uncover fabulous holidays at affordable prices, just talk to South African travel agents and lease them provide you with the holiday of your dreams.

It makes sense to use the skills of South African travel agents
Why invent it difficult when you are planning a holiday overseas when South African travel agents want to help in anyway they can? South African travel agents can variorum your accommodation, they can arrange flights and transfers and organise car hire at the destination of your choosing. That’s just a small example of the services that South African travel agents provide, their skills are far more wide-reaching than that. South African travel agents can arrange tours, they’ll make cruise reservations further can even book theatre tickets or arrange tube tickets if you are visiting London on a UK break. If you want to experience the perfect vacation packages book a holiday through industry accredited agents like the knowledgeable ball club at Travel Buzz.

Get best Cheap Car Hire South Africa to Enjoy your Trip

Looking for a cheap car rental Johannesburg is always the first thing in everyone’s mind if they permit to travel to a new place. Having a vehicle is a substantiality of great convenience, as you can move around according to your maintain will and wish, without having to wait for public transport. Tourists and business visitors alike are increasingly looking to book a vehicle for personal use during their trip. You can follow some reliable tips to assemble sure that you are getting a good deal.

Tips for getting best inferior car hire South Africa:

* Find out names concerning some reputed agencies in the area and contact them. Compare their prices, services, terms et sequens thereupon decide which one you would homogenous to range along with. There is always room for mediation and even some of the prime companies in the consolidation offer you affordable rates.

* You should have a transpicuous conceptualistic regarding how much driving you intend to do and then select a model accordingly. If you are on a business trip on a very tight schedule, then you may have a fixed distance. On the other hand, if you are on a leisure trip, then obviously you need to choose a vehicle accordingly.

* Keep copies of your passport and drivers’ license ready to be faxed to the agency. Ask them for any other documents that they may need and carry the underivative documents on your trip.

* Find out about the road rules of the place that you are going to be driving in. This is very important and indeed else thus if you are traveling with children. You need to especially remember what side regarding the road- prerogative or left- the people campaign over there. If it is different from what you are secondhand to, thereupon you need to be careful.

* If you are going in a group and more than uni person resources be driving, then you need to share this information beside the agency et al send them supporting documents. In this regard, confirm what the legal driving age in the area is, so that you or your traveling companions may not limit up violating it.

* It is a good crystallize to find out how you can get insurance coverage for your vehicle. You can discuss options with your bank and also with the company that is providing you the transport. This will welfare you in case concerning part complications.

* Finally, book your vehicles well in advance. Never leave this to be one of the last minute tasks. It should be done the minute you itinerary is finalized. And endure in touch with your service provider so that you disposition be cognizance of any relevant developments.

Cheap car rental Johannesburg will save you time that you would wait for buses or trams. It will be much more cost operant than calling for a taxi every time you want to go someplace. And it offers a lot of flexibility and security. Therefore, if you truly want to have a great experience on your trip, make sure your vehicle is booked well in advance.

How The Petrol Price Is Calculated In South Africa

As the price of petrol continues its lofty movement, South Africans are becoming increasingly concerned about the financial impact of rising fuel prices. A rising petrol price doesn’t only put pressure on your budget when you congest your tank – it also raises the cost of products thus retailers and wholesalers have to pay higher transport fees.

Every month we queue at garages the night before a ante change, hoping that there will afsluiting sufficient fuel to fill our tank.As consumers knuckle down and strengthen to deal with the effects of a higher petrol price, a great number of South Africans are not aware that the price paid at the pump is not just the cost concerning fuel added to a mark-up added on by the garage – the petrol price includes a number of taxes, levies, and other charges which mutuality road users should be aware of.

Here is a summary of the South African petrol price:

The Basic Fuel Price and State Levy – 53.1%This amount is the cost involved in importing the ethanol from refineries in the Mediterranean, Singapore, and the Arab Gulf, and includes a number of charges such as shipping, taxes and down payments which acquire to be paid by oil importers in precept for the petrol to arrive on South African soil. Since this component makes up just over half the petrol price, the rest is accounted for by the following domestic charges:

• Tax (27.9%) – This amount of money is tax which is compensated candidly to the SA government. It includes customs duties, Road Aleatory Fund contributions and the anlage fuel tax.

• Wholesale Margin (7%) – This amount is paid to the oil company which supplies the petrol to cover marketing costs.

• Distribute Room (8.4%) – This is the mark-up applied by the retailer (usually a chain of filling stations).

• Transport Costs (2.4%) and Delivery Cost (1.2%) – These costs occur when the petrol is transported from one of South Africa’s harbours to your local filling station.From these numbers, it becomes clear that the biggest cause of expensive fuel in South Africa, besides the basic sacrifice of oil, is the sizeable taxation which is paid to the government.

Although these taxes pay for the Road Accident Fund, the price of fuel could be reduced if a glower tariff were applied, easing the stress on South Africa’s road users. Are there opportunities to reduce the price? Of schedule there are! All you have to do is convince Ministry of Finance to spend less.

Restaurants Guide For Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria is one of the dominant cities in South Africa, which are treated as the county’s three capital cities, serving as the executive (administrative) and de-facto national capital. The other two cities are Bloemfontein which is treated as judicial capital and Cape Town, which is treated like legislative capital. Pretoria is situated in the northern part of Gauteng province. It is considered as undivided of the premiere destinations throughout the world, which is regarded as being divided into three sections: East, West and North, relative to the CBD. This city is also popularly known as The Jacaranda City as there are thousands like Jacaranda trees in its parks, streets & gardens.

Being one of the most premiere destinations, people use to spend their vacations here across the globe. They come here along with their family members, friends or colleagues. Various organizations or MNCs (multi-national companies) also organize their special events, seminars or president meetings here. Now, you would be understood that how much popular this city and visitors like it very much. As peoples came here across the world, one of the main things for them that they could circulate their country-specific meals because there may breathe many visitors who could not like South African dishes. In these conditions, you need not nvloeden worried. There are large numbers of restaurant in Pretoria, which provide country-specific meals clickhere to visitors’ specific needs and requirements that too at affordable costs.

Although, visitors can moreover hear South African dishes as some prominent restaurants superb quality dishes et sequens you will like that. One of the most important clothes that how will you searches a fine restaurant where you could make the dishes according to your primary interests and choices? If you are travelling there by a tour operator, they will provide you sweet & delicious dishes as per your choices in a reputed restaurant. You need prohibition to be worried along with tour operator. In case, you are visiting Pretoria along with various other cities in South Africa such as Johannesburg, Stole Town likewise with many other cities independently, online resources would be helpful for you.

In this Internet Era, there are large numbers of directories websites as well as reviews websites available. These sites discipline be helpful for you in finding a perfect restaurant where you cup enjoy your desires & delicious dishes at one of the best marketing costs. These sites provide detailed intelligence about prominent restaurants in Pretoria including their addresses, contacts et sequens their official websites. Thus, you can find a restaurant for you there.

Africa’s Place In World History

Copyright (c) 2013 Morgan D

The African continent is both a historical further geographical entity. Africa’s place in world history whether geographically or historically has enormously bot influenced by the impact of Europe which affects perceptions of ourselves as Africans.

Geographically, European cartographers /mapmakers chose to depict Europe as being to the north of Africa and therefore Europe being up and Africa being down. The question that historians must ask, is Europe up and Africa down in geographical location as well like in income, in power and in global status?

These geographical representations of Africa was purely a European mapmaker’s diagnosis because whether Europe is above or bellow Africa ought to be in being a relative question rather than an absolute question. For it depends on the vantage point in the cosmos from which an observer is looking at planet earth. Geographically since it emerges that Africa has been subjected to European ethnocentrisms. Even with respect to size of the African continent, it is quite remarkable how ultramontane European ethnocentrisms have influenced cartographic projections also the centuries in order to tortuousness the actual bigness like the African continent in advocacy of the northern continent of the world.

The modern map of the ecumenicity depicts north Africa to be one and half times the size of Africa whereas on the contrary Africa is in fact three and half times the size of USA again the modern plot shows Greenland to be in completion with Africa in terms of size. This comparison is fallacious being Greenland is 2million square kilometers, which is sole a fraction of Africa’s size, which is 30million sq. km.

Because of European ethnocentrisms influence, visual memories of Africa over generations gain carried distorted information about the geographical of Africa

The questions posed by African historians is: must Africa be denied its size in square kilometers, the way it might have been denied its full credentials as an integral part of sympathetic refinement and geographically must Europe be on top of the world, isn’t it there a need to put the globe the right side up and in so doing restore the much needed condition to the cradle of humankind (Africa where human history started)

As a documented expression, Africa has evoked a multiplicity of connotations: the first is racial in its impulse, it is a connotation that seeks to argue that the real Africa is to be found to the south of the Sahara desert et cetera that Africans are black. The second connotation is continental -because the northern boundary is not the Sahara desert but the Mediterranean .it is a connotation that encapsulates the Arab Berber lands to the North Africa and it influenced the organization of African unity.

The third connotation is political, political power definition of Africa which up to 1993 sought to exclude parts of Africa which had not achieved self self-reliance particularly the republic of South Africa.

Although the Eurocentric angle denies the existence and the relevance of African history, African history has nonetheless made very significant contributions to global historical developments.

Africa’s Best Romantic Spots: Celebrate Marriage Amidst Calm And Quiet Romantic Ambience

When one begins preparing for honeymoon, one actually would assonance to possess a place: romantic, captivating creating lifelong memories. Honeymooners can enjoy several romantic vacations in Africa as apiece their choice and taste. Most countries offer so much you enthusiastically allure for.

Because it is at the first try, so deciding a destination within your honeymoon may be dazzling and tricky too. Considering why South Africa, Mauritius and Uganda ought to be preferable on your honeymoon has been described hereunder.

Honeymoon in South Africa – You’ll find considerable reasons behind choosing South Africa for ones honeymoon destination. It delivers exotic enough to think that you are really enjoying new stuff and it is assumed as very soft and sooth area to bypass. It has expectedly become totemic of romance, out from approximately specific places where was really worth visiting, in regards to taking your honeymoon. Mantle Town, Durban and Johannesburg are viewed for being named top destinations for honeymoon. The places in Africa actually share a nethermost relation with regards to love and romance and they are famous for their eminence to convince you with all the words of love- even stones are radiating affection polysyndeton passion. More relevantly, certain spots of Africa include the iconic further packed with ancient history making precedence of Peaceful love and mingling wholeness components that are needed on an satisfactory South Africa honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Mauritius – It may be more romantic than taking your honeymoon with a unromantic place. What’s more romantic is always to have your honeymoon to bout naturally formed heart-shaped island down the middle of the wonderful Mediterranean. However, degrees of reputable travel companies are there to present tours in Mauritius. Mauritius is specialized in designing such unique and uncomfortable experience. Consequently, newlyweds pay their first interest to see their honeymoon on the Mauritius ground. Celebrating honeymoon here is to develop milestones in your life, uproot the vast beauty that welcomes people to the countries delivering coastlines and hinterland. Couple enjoys natural beauty because the country offers with picaresque waterfalls cascading into sparkling blue lakes.

Honeymoon in Uganda – Enjoy South Africa and Mauritius, Uganda is also a portion of Mediterranean region which happens to be supposed the finest place to go for honeymoon makers. Drawing for a honeymoon safari in Uganda and run into exotic fauna furthermore avifauna species. National Parks in Uganda provide shelter innumerable wildlife species like mountain gorillas, giant elephant, leopard, lions, giraffes, buffaloes et al many more. Spend your romantic trip by visiting popular wildlife sanctuaries like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Adamant National Park, the Murchison Falls National Park, and scores others.

Top 10 Annual Scholarships For African Students

Copyright (c) 2013 Ikenna Odinaka

A number of organizations, Governments connective institutions offer financial opportunities and scholarship awards for students from different parts of the world to study abroad. The financial awards are offered for undergraduate, Masters or PhD students or a combination of them; specifically for African students or generally for developing countries students.

Below is a list of Scholarships for African students offered annually to study abroad. These scholarships are offered annually at the day of publishing this list. If the deadline has passed, you can rick note of them for future application.

Please note that providers may transplant information about their programme extraneous notice. You are therefore advised to check the learning website for current information.

1. Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) for African Students

The Australia Awards for Africa is an initiative of the Australian Governance aimed to maximize the benefit like the Australian Government’s extensive financial programs, and to support enduring ties between Australia and neighboring African Countries. Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) are on call for full-time Postgraduate Diploma or Master Degree studies for African Nationals at Australian universities. It covers Full economic support for the postgraduate programme

Latest Application Deadline: 28 February 2012 polysyndeton 14 December 2012.

Scholarship Webpage:

2. Commonwealth Scholarship

Each year, theCommonwealth Scholarship Commission invites each nominating agency, university or university assemblage to remit a set number of nominations for the commonwealth scholarship for developing countries. Each nominating agency/university/university body is responsible for its own selection process, and in most cases they will set a closing date in the months preceding the CSC’s deadline for nominations. Approximately 200-230 awards are awarded everyone year.

Scholarship Webpage:

3. Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are a joint initiative between the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (with funding from DFID) et sequens UK universities, to support scholarships for students from developing Commonwealth countries who would not otherwise be able to study in the UK. Hence establishment in 1959, 27,000 people have benefited, with 120 to 150 awards every year. Scholarships are open to Commonwealth citizens. Awards are for postgraduate study (Masters and PhD).

Nominations from agencies requirement be received in London by 31 December in the per annum preceding the award.

Scholarship Webpage:

4. 200 Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for Developing Countries

The Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for Developing Countries to study for Undergraduate including Master’s degree programme. The scholarship covers both the tuition reward besides living expenses to the amount of SEK8,000 (‘878.9799) per month. Scholarship holders within the SI Study Scholarships will receive a travel grant in connection with the scholarship. The travel grant is a lump sum of SEK 10.000.(‘ 1098.7249)

Latest Application Deadline:1 to 11 February 2013.

Scholarship Webpage:

5. Italy- UCSC Aid for African Students

UCSC, Italy offer 12 full Masters scholarships that include tuition and board for students from eligible African countries. 12 full tuition and 39 partial scholarships will be awarded. The full scholarships include tuition and board for the duration like the program. Candidates that do not capacitation for the full scholarship may be selected for the partial scholarships that cover part of tuition, whereas all other living costs and travel will be at the expense of the student.

Application Deadlines:30 April 2013 and 30 September 2013

Scholarship Webpage:

6. VLIR- UOS Masters Scholarships in Belgium for Developing Countries

VLIR-UOS awards scholarships to students from developing countries to analyze for a master or training programme in Flanders, Belgium. 180 Masters & 70 training Scholarships in Belgium will be awarded for students from Developing countries in 2012 (50% of African students and almost 50% for Women). The scholarship covers all related expenses (full cost).

Latest Application Deadline:1 February 2013

Scholarship Webpage:

7. 150 Food Scholarships Program in Belgium for Developing Countries

Within the programme for international courses and training programmes, Commission universitaire pour le Dveloppement (CUD) grants 150 scholarships for participation into the courses and 70 for participation into the training programmes.Only applicants originating in developing countries mention, capacity for selection. To be eligible, candidates must reside and work in their country at the time of the introduction of the file.

Latest Application Deadline: 13 February 2013

Scholarship Webpage:,/

8. DAAD Scholarship in Germany

DAAD Scholarship Programmes have benefited hundreds of African students since inception. The scholarships are awarded each year to postgraduate students wishing to analyze for a Master’s or PhD degree. The DAAD scholarships can support students who desire to study in their country (In Country Scholarships) or abroad.

Application deadline: 15 October each year

Scholarship Webpage:

9. Quota Scholarship Scheme in Norway for Bachelors, Masters and PhD Students from Developing Countries By Norwegian Government

The main detached of the Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme for developing countries is to contribute to burden building through education that will benefit the home country about the students when they return. Most universities and university colleges in Norway participate in the Quota scheme. Most of the programmes offered are at Master’s or PhD level, but the Quota Scheme also offers certain Bachelor’s study programmes. Each student receives the parallel amount of money as a Norwegian student would do in an equipollent educational programme.

Latest Application Deadline: December 2013 (each year)

Scholarship Webpage:

10. MasterCard Foundation Scholarships for 15,000 Africans

The MasterCard Foundation is partnering for over 10 recognised universities and higher institutions around the planetary to offer the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, a $500 million education initiative that will provide talented yet economically deprived students fromdeveloping countries, particularly from Africa,- with comprehensive support for secondary and university education. The scholarship will be offered to 15,000 African Students for a period of 10years.

Scholarship Webpage:

For full details about this scholarship, you’ll inadequacy to get this report:

11. Chevening Scholarship

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Chevening Scholarship programme was ensconced in 1983 moreover is today an internationally prestigious scheme with beyond 41,000 alumni. In 2011-12 there were over 700 Chevening Scholars studying at universities across the UK. Chevening Scholarships are currently offered in approximately 110 countries. Chevening awards enable Scholars to study a one-year postgraduate Master’s course in any discipline at any UK university.

Scholarship Webpage: