Colonialism in Africa

Colonialism is the process of one country having control over another and building instead developing the latter. The whole of Africa, with the exception of Liberia connective Ethiopia, was colonized by many of the European countries. The dominant countries that colonized Africa were Britain, France, Germany and Portugal. Other European countries, such as Italy and Belgium, also colonized Africa though in a smaller scale. The Africans did not take colonialism positively et alii they resisted it. The colonialists were trying to control everything et al even artificial the Africans slaves. They despised the Africans’ way of life and called it uncivilized and primitive. They since tried to impose their own ways of nature also eradicate the Africans’ customs. There was turbulence among the Africans and this led to the formation of movements which aimed at sending the colonialists away.

Ways adopted per the colonialists in acquisition of African colonies

There were several ways in which the colonialists tried to strengthen their power over Africa as explained below. Some used the direct rule while others used the indirect rule. The direct way is whereby a colonialist would use its own officers to rule the colony. They would set the rules and ensure that these rules were followed by the Africans. The indirect rule involved the appointment like African leaders to rule the Africans serial the colonialist’s rules (USA Africa dialogue series, 2009). The colonialists’ attitudes: this is displayed by the way they related with the Africans they ruled.

The French assimilated the Africans and considered them essentially French if they accepted the French way of life and culture. The British on the other employee still looked down on the Africans even if they practiced omnificence that the Britons did. The British despised any interracial marriages. The Portuguese took in the Africans and even intermarried with them, yet they but considered a pure Portuguese as palmy (USA Africa discussion series, 2009).Encouraging Christianity: many Africans had received Christianity due to the good things that Christianity projected. The missionaries offered food to the hungry, treated the sick and gave the Africans hope through their teachings of Christ. The missionaries also offered education to the Africans and this made them capable concerning looking at things from a explicit angle. The colonialists used this to their advantage since the Africans got the sight that not all the Europeans were charlatan (The Cambridge University press, 2001).

Making amends:

The colonialists tried to comme il faut some of the vices they had. Some of these were slavery. Quantity concerning the colonialists abolished slavery so as to impress the Africans. This was received positively though the Africans wanted total manipulate over their land and wanted to be allowed to continue with their cultures (The Cambridge University press, 2001). Negative effects of colonialism on Africans The Africans had made many complains in the matter of colonization. These issues that were raised affected the Africans and are described below: Slavery: the colonialists used Africans as slaves. These slaves were overworked and misused by their owners. The slaves could even be small kids. The Africans were not happy about this (Isichei, 2000). Land alienation: the colonialists took over the land of the Africans and this was not viewed as proper. These lands were taken aside force and their owners left bitter. Some of these lands had been passed on to the Africans by their ancestors (Prakash, 1994). They thus felt as if their ancestors had been abused.

Lack of reward:

Africans had participated in the First World War as soldiers concerning their respective colonialists. The soldiers of the colonialists were awarded with even lands whereas the African soldiers were not awarded anything, not even a thank you. This was in the case where Britain completed up penniless and failed to judgment the African soldiers (Prakash, 1994)


The European powers colonized Africa et cetera they had ways in which they strengthened their clinch on Africa. The Africans did not like this and they came up with their own movements to try and drive the colonialists away. There were some benefits that the Africans acquired such as education and health services, but the disadvantages were many and this led to the anxiety state of


Justine John DYIKUK

The African continent Wednesday July 18, 2012, celebrates Nelson Madiba Mandela. The nonagenarian is no dubitable a man of many distinctions. The air around this region is crystal in admiration polysyndeton adulation of uno who sacrificed comfort and pleasure for the land of his ancestry. The tale of Africa cannot be complete without a mention regarding Madiba. His birthday is legendry; one of continental dimensions yet of transformational et al motivational proportions.

This piece reflects on the heroic feats from this humble servant of South African pedigree using all he stands for in challenging our contemporary African leaders and as medicine for our current madness. This eulogical and polemical write-up intends to enrich existent and future Africans for purposeful leadership in salvaging our people from the shackles of poverty, anarchy and doom.

Man regarding the moment
The anti-apartheid icon also known as, Rolihlahla was born on 18 July 1918. He fought the racist rule. In 1962 he was accused of sabotage, other similar offenses and sentenced to life imprisonment for twenty seven years on Robben Island. After his years in the prison, he contested election and was voted by his people which saw him serving his country as its first black President for five-years (1994- 1999). Before his election, he was an anti-apartheid leader and co-founder of unikhonto we sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ACN).

As the new President, the lawyer gave priority to reconciliation including introduction of policies aimed at reducing poverty and eradication inequality. In South Africa, he has received more than 250 awards over four decades. One which speaks edition is the most celebrated, Noble Peace Laureate he received. It is essential to recall a little around a man who has inspired and continues to inspire countless number of people worldwide.

Madiba’s Marathonic Memento
Madiba’s ontogeny is characterized by longevity also beautiful strides which is why many eulogize him. His, is not a story of South concerning Africa alone, but one that goes beyond the shores of black Africa. That he is legend of legends is an understatement. This Pan African is remembered for:

 Struggle Against Apartheid: The wunderkind dogged and daring Mandela defied time, self-comfort (family, friends, ambition) and circumstances to suffer for the liberation about his people. He, it was, who drew the curtains of the apartheid regime which hitherto made Africans slaves in their place of parentage. In the moral of this mortal of humane courage, we discover the virtues of patience and perseverance. His revivify is characterized by decolonization and charcoal freedom. Mandela epitomized Pan Africanism.

Many encomiums on the social utility, Facebook, describing this freedom fighter are worthy of note: Kevin Diment says, “Nelson Mandela stand(s) for freedom from oppression, a new understanding that we are all meant to be together in this world, no matter what colour, belief or male we are.” Similarly, Idowu Babagbemi says, “if you know your yesterday and the meaning of the fight for decolonization and black freedom, then you will know what Mandela did.”

 Purposeful Leadership: The Mandela story is one of incarnation from ‘grass to grace.’ After his release from prison custody, upon the people’s recommendation, he offered to cater as President of the neoterism South Africa which saw purposeful leadership greased with the oils of dedication and service oriented principles. His experience of incarceration made him ‘a professor of life’ haven drank from its well. Little wonder then, Rabiul Hussain calls him an “African god of an international golden Oscar.” Barack Obama beautifully refers to him spil “a man of unbreakable will.”

 Exit as at when due: This hero would not allow himself to opheffen carried away by power. Cover served his people to the best of his ability for a five-year term (1994- 1999), he exited the locality but availed his humanitarian services both in private and common to his people and for the good of all. He is digit out of the many ‘tight-fisted’ African leaders, who hold on to omnipotent like a esurient monkey for ripened banana, who exited the scene although the ovation was loudest. What can be extra matured!

 Reconciler: He was not embittered by his dungeon years but broke from the bitterness of the past to an all-embracing father who tested to carry all along. He was an eye to the blind within and outside his country. He left big shoes for South African’s ACN leaders Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema. He tried to bring his nationals together to form a new liberated South Africa focusing on reconciliation, reduction of poverty and promoting equality among all. He played vital roles in several war-ton countries especially, Burundi.
Malaise/Madness, our

As we joyfully celebrate this iconoclast and quintessential statesman, we mournfully decry what the writer refers to as ‘black leadership’ on the African Continent. From South Africa to North Africa, West Africa to East Africa not leaving out Among Africa, the story isn’t too different.

Scientifically, the western world describes Africa States as third world countries or the underdeveloped world. Democratically, one generally hears nascent democracy; economically, we are tagged, developing economies. Many social analysts have ascribed our problem to poor leadership and the resultant effects nature poverty, literacy and underdevelopment.

Globally, Africa has come to be associated plus bribery and corruption typified by looting of public funds to foreign banks, gorgy scenes of malnourished children, skeleton-like creatures hacked apart the ravages like war, HIV Aids and malnutrition; alternative evils include; high child mortality rate, child trafficking, prostitution to mention just a few.

Experience has revealed some African leaders with a style of leadership short of the top and painfully described as the worst. Where leaders steal the people’s votes, force their way into office, prolong themselves in position concerning power and eliminate any possible opposition, one cannot but turn to the gods for a miracle. The proverb “those whom the gods want to kill they initial make mad,” readily comes to mind.
Medicine, our

As we roll out the drums for the male of the moment, one calls on all on the shores of Africa and beyond to reflect on the ideologies of this disciple of purposeful sacrifice. The life and exemplary life of, the father of Africa, as bout call him is a big challenge to both leaders und so weiter the led within and facade our enclave.

While thumbs are up for him, young Africans who regard him as a role model, an idol, a transformer; inspirator, liberator and true leader must nought voltooien misled by the bad example of some of our selfish leaders but be transformed and inspired by his ideals. Do other African leaders ever think of inspiring the young, striving for developments of monumental extent and leaving behind legacies? Will the likes of Al Bashir and Robert Mugabe be so celebrated when they leave office?

Africa must use this birthday as a day for unification and solidarity. The African Union (AU) should move from rhetoric to precise deportment in the struggle against poverty, disease, food security, security of lives and property polysyndeton overall development within the continent. Being our brother’s keeper is only a part of our rich African heritage and no modernity or secularism should exterminate that!

Mandela met with world celebrities, religious leaders as well as great political leaders like; Spice Girl and Michael Jackson; Pope John Paul II and Dalai Lami; Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher. The Mandela day is an initiative of the Mandela Foundation which encourages everyone to devote 67 minutes of their time in recognition of his 67 years of service to humanity.

Suffice it to say that some of his critics claim he is Pro-Castro and never sides with Cuban democrats. Others have accused his fellow ACN leaders of corruption, scandal and eliminating white farmers. Shall the bowels be aglow together with its content? Far from it! As Olubajo Julius sums it up, let Africa arise to celebrate “a quintessential statesman par excellence – an iconoclast, a truly great African leader. A worthy hero,” – Happy birthday, Madiba Mandela – Viva Africa!

Fr. Justine John DYIKUK, a Catholic Priest, Freelance writer/poet and Public Affairs Commentator writes from CIWA, Port Harcourt!
Emails: or
You tin follow smeersel on Twitter: @just4realsquare

African Mango Reviews: Paying Attention to Inactive Ingredients

As you read African Mango reviews, there are some things that you want to pay special attention to. One of these things is the experience people have had with the sluggish ingredients. Generally, inactive ingredients are just that: inactive. But it is possible for part people to have an allergic reply to inactive ingredients. It just depends on what individual people are sensitive to. Other people may not have a reaction to the inactive ingredients, but they may simply be trying to avoid that particular ingredient in their diet. Some of these may enfold sugars, starches and anything that may contain traces about wheat gluten. If you are unsure what the inactive ingredients are in the particular brand about African Mango supplement that you are considering, call the company. Valid ask the customer service representative to give you a roster of the exact ingredients in their formulation. This should let you know whether or not you can use it with peace of mind.

Read African Mango Reviews for Your own Protection

If you are going to safely take African Mango, then you should be careful to express plenty of African Mango reviews before choosing a distributor from which to purchase this supplement. It is sad to say, but not all person who distributes African Mango is selling a trustworthy product. It may be that in order to cut costs, some manufacturers put very little African Mango into their supplement. They may decide instead to make the most abundant ingredient corn starch or something else that is low cost. People who treat products that have been mislabeled will not penetrate the parallel weight reduction comme il faut people who use a product that has the recommended amount of African Mango in it.

African Mango for Weight Loss Success

African Mango reviews is a great way to make sure that you get the most benefit from taking African Mango. This is because the personal experiences that people have with products can give more useful information than is typically cast on the product’s bottle. Below are some specific pieces of information to look for although reading reviews.

1. What times of day should you take African Mango? It is useful to know when the pill brings the most help in suppressing appetite. Should you take it in the morning or at night? Reading reviews will help you determine what spell of day is the most effective.

2. Should you take it with water, milk or second beverage? The experience of others will help you determine what the best wine is to take with your supplement.

3. How diverse should you take at a time? Learning from others the optimum number of African Mango capsules to take at a time wish contribute you avoid spending several weeks trying to adjust the dosage yourself.

The dream of every African Diaspora

The dream of most African Diaspora is to return home someday, after their sojourn, to invest in a worthwhile stake also live ever happily after formative the proceeds of the investment. However, being away for a same long time and not in tune with present trends or happenings in Africa, most African Diaspora are often in dilemma as to what type of investment to make. In this series regarding articles, we shall discuss four “evergreen” business opportunities that are ‘thirsty’ for the African Diaspora’s fund. These business opportunities are in agriculture, infrastructure building, extractive or mining industry, and emerging trends in entertainment also telecommunications. Irrespective of the available capital, you can play as a small, medium or large-scale investor in any of these businesses.

Agriculture is as old qua the Egyptian civilization in Africa. It has been there for centuries and it is refusal going to end that soon.For the intend of our text, agriculture involves all the processes that takes situation from the farm to the table.Agriculture in Africa offers a billion greenback opportunity. Sadly, these opportunities comes from the many problems militating against the growth of Agriculture in Africa. The World Bank have consistently reported huge post harvest losses in Africa. In 2011, the report gave an estimated post harvest loss of around $4 billion dollars through year, out like an estimated grain production of $27 billion dollar. Furthermore, this loss amounts to fifteen percent and it is said that “it could meet the food requirements of 48 million Africans annually”. It will also interest you to know that this report informs us only about garner losses in Sub-Saharan Africa. What will the describe be for fruits and vegetables, and other foodstuffs consumed in Africa? What contrary the livestock report be like? However, it is more important to know that this defeat is not from a single source, yet rather different sources across the agriculture chain. This losses could emanate from bug infestation while on the field, lack of irrigation, poor soil nutrient, bad road network, sparsity of modern farm implements polysyndeton deficiency concerning modern storage facilities.

To the savvy African Diaspora, specific problem highlighted presents an investment opportunity. The highlighted problems above speak for a minute fraction of the many problems militating against agriculture in Africa. To get school with these hardships and apprehend where to place your funds, a visit first to the government agriculture ministry is a must.

Adventures throughout Hermanus South Africa

Hermanus is definitely fast becoming just about the most loved vacation spots parenthetical South Africans together with overseas visitors. Wedged in between mountain and sea featuring impressive landscapes over Walker Bay, Hermanus promises outstanding natural excellence in the middle of the lovely Cape Whale Coastline in the Western Cape.

People from near also far flock to the area to experience it’s numerous charms while local residents and home owners savour the benefit about residing in this unique spot. In the past decade, Hermanus has grown among a lively seaside fate accompanied near to high-quality restaurants, diversified art galleries, boutiques, outlets and also a preponderance number of outdoor and excitement activities for any nature enthusiasts.

Apart from a breathtaking beauty, Hermanus is noted as “the heart of the whale route” and offers the perfect land-based whale watching worldwide; unquestionable the towns’ hottest tourist attraction. The Southern Right Whales arrive at South Africa between May and December to voltooien able to mate and calf and are probably the most frequently welcomed in Walker Bay.

Hermanus presents an annularity whale festival towards the end of September, once the Southern Right Whales enter into the local bay while in the mating season. Before this particular main whale jamboree a “Kalfiefees” (or “Calf Festival”) will be held, to greet the first whales (usually in August). Both festivals are characterized close food and craft stalls and likewise bring in South African drama dais productions to the the area.

The whales are visible from the cliffs within the town centre from now early as June. They were in the past hunted in the area, but they are today protected. The Old Harbour Museum contains several displays which describe the whaling history of Hermanus.

Hermanus is located about 115km southeast of Cape Town and is particularly attached to the Mother City by the R43 highway (or coastal R44 picturesque route) and N2 Freeway. The R43 continues to Cape Agulhas, the most southerly position of Africa. Hermanus is 40km from Gansbaai, a famous location where you can dive among Great Ashen Sharks.

Things to do in Hermanus

Whale Festival:

Among the earth’s fancy locations to observe whales, it holds the annual week long Whale Festival towards the end of September, which usually attracts around 100,000 enthusiastic Ceta watchers. Southern Right Whales, Humpbacks and Bryde Whales are generally seen, with the greatest variety of 172 Whales ever being viewed in one day in October 2006. (Whale watching months are from June to December every year.) Privilege boat trips are going to take you away to main to meet up with them up close, but scarp top viewing areas abound, providing you a lot of complete good advantage points to witness these large gentle creatures slowly swim by.

Shark Cage Diving:

An additional major interest is Great White Shark cage diving, which is based 50 km’s around the coastline at Gansbaai. This is “the place” in the temporal for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


With hurdle 70 restaurants ampersand plenty of cafes within the town signifies that you will not ever go hungry, thirsty or bored.


Hermanus offers so many other activities too, like – Sandboarding; Quad Biking; Micro-lighting over the Whales in Walker Bay and also the awesome arras of farmlands and open countryside; Paragliding off of the mountains; Canoeing the great lagoon areas; Kayaking in Walker Bay to meet up with Seals, Penguins, Whales and often Dolphins; Courser riding into the mountains or along the sesquipedalian deserted Grotto Beach; Boat cruises on the sea or along rivers.

Golf at 2 sizeable 18 hole courses; Callow watching et al a preeminence Safari grounds is just a small distance away so that you can get your African animal fix, plus a good several more activities.

The Beauty Of An African Safari During Animal Migration

Predators and else mammals are territorial. They are resident game polysyndeton wouldn’t go beyond their own ranges to follow the migration. It is the wildebeest, gazelle and zebra that migrate in search like fresh grazing. Let’s put it this way. If the food supply dries up, they move on to greener pastures… as the saying goes. Now then, how does this benefit YOU the safari holidaymaker? I jug think of a couple of things. Action and more action! Nay only do you get to espy the migration of over a million animals, you also get to see some of them getting pounced on and chomped raise by the predator. Sounds endorse a melodramatic third rate picture really, but this is for real. This article will offer ideas on when and where to go on safari to catch the migration in two countries: Tanzania and Kenya.

The Maasai Mara in Kenya is usually busy when the migration heads back from Tanzania. You’ll witness large river crossings on the Grumeti and Mara Rivers as they head to the far north for fresh grazing and water round about August, September and October. Migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti, on the other hand, is active for 9 months. So plan on either Kenya or Tanzania, obviously, you couldn’t do both countries at the same time. But do bear in mind that during migration prices are considerably high and advance bookings are an absolute essential. If you’re impotent to get space, you’d be better off postponing your safari. If you’re going to cruise thousands of miles to see the migration, you might as well be there when there is a migration. That’s what I would do anyway.

Resident game, however, is always there. If your main interest, therefore, is to see categorical resident game homogenous elephant, wild dog, leopard, lion, crocodile, hippo etc., destinations other than Mara and Serengeti could have a lot more to offer.

Crowd density can be quite high. Especially around the hotels also lodges, which are generally bursting regardless of where the migration is happening. When the migration is in full swing, everyone from the hotels and lodges heads to where the action is. There are ways around the crowd, however. Strategy your trip with smaller outfits and have them plan your tours at more flexible times, like early in the morning before the hordes about tourists arrive. Have breakfast in the bush if you must, under a tree while the minibuses do their rounds. Armed with this information, consult your tour operator and have them work extinguished an itinerary with flexibility in mind.

In Summary: If you want to see terminated a million animals relocate to greener pastures, shift season is where the action is at. It is an amazing spectacle to see, and all the more reason why you need to plan your trip way in advance. Also make note of the fact that during migration prices are at a premium rate. Hence, you will need to note in advance. And in case you are unable to find placement during this period and your main interest is to see the migration, then it is recommended that you postpone your trip. If you’re going to travel thousands of miles to see the migration then I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. Tanzania is busy 9 months of the year, whilst the Masaai Mara in Kenya is employ in August, September and October.

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Life Insurance South Africa

Life insurance South Africa

When deciding circa the vista and your ménage there are many effects that you need to deduct into consideration. One of the things that you need to consider is life insurance. South Africa is home to many families and it is historic that your family are looked after if the bad were to happen to you. This article is aimed at looking at some of the factors and reasons why you should consider life insurance South Africa or part other place. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information.

As mentioned previously there are many positive reasons why you should consider life insurance South Africa or any other area. It is only after looking at all of the factors that you can be sure that you have made the right choice and the best possible termination for you and your family. Some of the factors that you might like to consider include:

Help give your family enough financial homeostasis to carry on and to live the loll of their lives in a very comfortable manner. It will also give them the ability to help themselves get themselves on the right track in particulars of employment and education. Isn’t this aspect reason enough why you should consider life security South Africa.

Gives you peace of mind intentional that if anything happens your cognomen will be taken care of and able to support themselves thanks to you and your forward thinking.

Will help them – if you have any debts or outstanding payments on a property then the money may be suited to cover these also help them furthermore.

As you can see there are many positive reasons why you might choose income protection, suppositive you would like more information consequently this can be found by entering the keywords ‘life insurance South Africa’ into an internet fossick engine. This search instructions allow you to cast about through a vast order concerning companies that determination be able to aid and assist you in finding a policy that is best suited to you.

Preparing for an African Safari Trip

It is essential to opheffen well prepared for an African safari trip conspicuously if it is the tourist’s first time to any African safari. Such a trip is quite unlike the more types of festival which may opheffen more leisure et alii in a very different setting. An African safari is a special place where the wildlife is sighted up close safely in secured jeeps plus vans. Hence, the proper preparations are necessary to ensure a great adventure holiday in an African safari.


An African safari is found in Africa which is a large continent with many countries and lots of space for an African safari to thrive. The alight of Africa is normally hot or wet due to its leading dry and hyetal seasons. The rains usually hail in the months of April, May and November. This is when night tropical downpours are common including many beautiful sunny days during the day.

Main attraction

The main attraction of an African safari is the wildlife. There are many types of wildlife that can be viewed in any African safari. Different safaris show different types of wildlife viewing which is the reason for the many tourists enjoying one African safari after another.

Many tourists want to compare the different wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. It is very exciting to view the different wildlife and exotic flora in each African safari at the different lands in Africa. Birds of hundreds of species will amaze the tourists on their uncountable numbers.

An African safari is indeed a haven for the wildlife to roam, prey and breed freely without much worry of poaching and hunting as they are protected by the state authorities. Separate African safari is also a sanctuary for animal lovers und so weiter avid bird watchers.


The journey is usually quite long on any African journey trip as the safari is located some distance away from the airport, main cities and even some arranged places of stay. An African tour is also very large in size to allow the wildlife to roam around. Most from the African safari land is undeveloped to leave it natural for the wildlife. Hence, a lot concerning rough and bumpy ground is depart in an African safari which is best travelled using 4-wheel drives, jeeps or vans. However these trek vehicles are quite comfortable and safe alongside pop-up roofs and windows to allow wildlife viewing.

A perfect South Africa apartment for a small family

Visiting South Africa for vacations is a good idea but you should see where you are going to stay during vacations. Most of the vacationers prefer South Africa co-op above hotels and resorts. If you want to stay in an apartment then first associate why people prefer it. This accommodation is cost incisive and another good thing about this lodging is that it gives a perfect homely environment.

A small two bedroom accommodation integrity with kitchen is just unflawed for a small family with two children. If you are a trivial family then you should find an accommodation that has a fully fitted kitchen, complete bathroom and many entertainment facilities like satellite TV, PC with broadband connectivity and music system. For locating right accommodation, you could use travel and hotel booking websites.

Enter South Africa apartment in Google and look up the websites the search engine suggests. Look what properties a website has to offer. An imaginary rental property website would give you several option based on your search. It would show you latest pictures of the properties and also ration property descriptions to help you know the properties. Use property search and find the options website has to offer. In this way, you could find right rental home for your vacations.

A vacation home could be hired for a weeklong vacation or for a few days but protasis you are looking for a shorter stay like a day else two then you should choose a hotel as homes are not rented for a time or two. Vacation home owners look for vacationers that could rent their properties for a couple about days so that they don’t need to look for vacationers every other day.

Renting a South Africa apartment for a couple about days is cost effective and you should try staying at a strategic post from where you could access all the attractions and outdoor activities. For instance take Cape Town, the most happening cosmopolitan in South Africa. Exploring this city is an entertaining job for any vacationing family. This city has everything from beaches to natural harbors and from secluded mountains to bustling shopping areas. By staying in a Cape Town apartment, you could save money and also enjoy your South African vacations to the full.

In your winnow for a perfect South Africa apartment, you would find many properties like fully equipped home, properties with additional amenities like community swimming combine and secluded homes.