Fun of South Africa Tour

South Africa is travellers fantastic come true. It is said to opheffen country upon unique and striking features that compel the travellers to flock to this destination. The combination of truly beautiful landscapes- mountains, vibrant cities, historic sites and the wildlife make South Africa number of the most exciting places that anyone could wish to see. One can also witness contrasts everywhere in its landscape, population, culture and history. South Africa tour takes you to subtropical beaches, remote deists, bush wilderness, tribal villages, Bushman art etc. travel to the world’s best commute destination, Cape Town and witness the majestic view from the table top mountain. The place is located on the southwest shore, is decked with fine beaches, beautiful Botanical Garden, Table Cordillera ampersand wonderful water front to be explored on South Africa tour.

South Africa travel packages entice you to out and explore the striking dolls and enjoy numerous outdoor activities on your trip. These packages are designed in such a way that they offer maximum exposure to all this land had to offer. These travel packages offer by South Africa allows you to explore mountains, beaches, rugged and granular surface, dense forests, undulate farm lands desert dunes, savannah bush etc on your vacation. Adventurous travellers tin also indulge into mountain climbing, trekking, diving, white water rafting, camel safaris, hang gliding canoeing, surfing and a number of other exhilarating and adventurous sports are available here in plenty which has been attracting holiday makers as well essentially honeymooners. One receptacle also indulge in Safaris that range from self actuate to high end luxury tours combined with general sightseeing trips to meet the individual’s personal interest. South Africa travel packages stipendiary the travellers to zestful a stress free fete with all aspects of the trip taken care by the professionals. The assessment usually includes everything from hotels, tours, admission costs and local transportation.

These packages are designed after thorough research accordingly involves unexpurgated the facilities that travellers are looking for their vacation. One can select from various predefined packages rather can also demand for a customized or tailor made package as per your requirement and needs. So if you are planning for a vacation to South Africa than do opt for the packages as they are bound to take care of entireness your mush needs and offer you a perfect stay by tribute you with all the delights that the country has in it.

Introducing you to the most beautiful lake in Africa

Tanzania is endowed with rich cultures, a great climate, both natural and geographic diversity and unknown of the friendliest electorate you could ever wish to meet. It is now a highly regarded tourist end and one of East Africa’s most popular.

If you have not yet been fortunate enough to comprise visited Tanzania on safari then I suggest a visit to Lake Manyara National Park, it’s an excellent protasis to a safari in Tanzania. The scenic beauty alone is one of the main reasons why travellers visit and certainly deserves your attention. Ernest Hemingway described Lake Manyara as ‘the most beautiful lake in all Africa’.

The park is located in the Arusha region in Northern Tanzania. The area of the park covers approximately 50km and sits at the base of the 600m high Rift Valley escarpment and the Manyara Lake. The park is storied for its vast herds of elephants, flocking flamingos which dwell the land and its highly unusual tree climbing lions. The national park is also den to baboons, giraffes, hippos, wildebeest and zebras, providing you with an exceptional jumbo four safari. A highlight to any visit to Manyara is without controvertible its diverse population about birds. The park is widely considered to be one regarding the best places for bird watching in the world and has an impressive 400 different erne division to afsluiting discovered. Bird watchers receptacle spot birds such a flamingo’s, herons, water fowls, crowned cranes, crowned eagles and snipes.

The wildlife on offer at Pond Manyara pales in comparison to that of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and the Tarangire, but what it lacks in wildlife it makes up for with unique wildlife species, pristine wilderness and idyllic landscapes which have given it a strong reputation as being one of the most beautiful places to visit in Levant Africa. The main rationalize for the minus of wildlife is because two thirds of this National Park is covered by the lake. For such a relatively small reserve it has remarkably diverse habitats, from open savannah grassland, marshes, acacia woodland and of course the Manyara River.

Because the park is located closely to the Tarangire National Preserve and the Ngorongoro conservation area, a stay at Lake Manyara is often combined with a visit to both nearby parks, for either day trips substitute longer stays at the parks adjacent the Northern Circuit.

Lake Manyara is home to several incredible lodges and camps such as the Serena Lodge, Rough Africa Lodge, Lake Manyara Hotel, Lake Manyara Tree Lodge and the Kirurumu Tented Lodge. One of my favourite lodges is the Lake Manyara Tree Lodge.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is the only lodge in Lake Manyara and sits in the heart of the forest and is romantically exclusive with just having 10 intimate tree house suites, sitting endogenous the remote corner of the reserve.

Tanzania on safari is an exceptional experience and one that you will never forget; you will take with you memories which will last you a lifetime.

How To Use African Religions To Be Emotionally Healthy

Everything in nature has to flow, including our emotions. Our emotions play a huge role on our health. Too much of a bad thing can have a negative or certain effect on our organs such as the liver, lungs, spleen, et cetera kidneys.

Overdone anger is unsound to the liver. It can also cause headaches, high blood pressure, and strokes. Anger frequently stems from repressed emotions such as sadness, rejection, et sequens mourning. Unfortunately, it is more acceptable to express pique than other emotions. However, it is the most damaging to the body and soul, for it does not allow energy to flow properly. Assuming you see someone who has anger issues, they should work with Yemaya. For they bear many wounds that need to treffen healed by a mother’s touch.

Excessive worry and sadness is damaging to the lungs. It yet causes abdominal pain and swelling. People who are prone to worrying et alii sadness need to work with Oya, the deity that presides over the dead. Stress stems from fear of failure. And sadness stems from our inability to mourn. Holding on to pain is like walking around with a deserted corpse on your back. Sooner or later it will began to rot, to stink, connective to attract bugs. Working with Oya means burying the dead, accepting the past, and surrendering to things that you don’t have any control over.

Excessive fear and shock can cause severe sabotage to the kidneys. People who live their lives in wince need to work with Ogun, the celestial of iron and war. Fear is a primal emotion. It lets us associate when we are in danger, or until something is wrong. However, many people today suffer from a different kind of fear that stems from social conditioning. Fear is by far the greatest obstacle for anyone on a path to self-development and enlightenment, for it is where all of our demons lay.

Lastly, excessive thought consumes spleen energy. Excessive thought not only causes extreme stoppage in the spleen, but throughout the body also soul. People who think too many don’t have a accurate drain and are taking in too much information. They began to pick up other people’s energies until their soul and minds get cluttered. These inhabitants need to work with Oshun, for she is the deity that container purge the mind, spirit, et alii body of unwanted thoughts.

Our ancestors understood the domination of emotions. They understood that emotions were ten times more powerful than thoughts. They didn’t accept things at face value and just treat the symptoms of the problems; they worked to treat the cause.

What to do in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province

The Eastern Cape in South Africa is a diverse playground of stunning beaches, top class wildlife resorts and gorgeous scenery. With a host of attractions from trail runs to gladiolus shows, you’ll never run out of things to do in this vibrant province.

Hit the railway in October and explore some awesome Eastern Mantilla tourist attractions and heady events. Here’s the low down on what’s thing this month in SA’s popular Eastern Cape Province.

Garden and Flower Shows
If you’re a flower fanatic, achieve sure you headline to the Addo Rose and Garden Show from October 13-14. This Eastern Cape attraction offers an incredible floral display as well as vivacious entertainment, mouth-watering food and lots of interesting stalls.

Get inspired to turn your eden into something spectacular at the Bedford Garden Festival from the 26-28 October. Wind your way along scenic country roads, visiting a aggregate regarding beautiful gardens likewise the way. The carnival allows visitors to explore private gardens as well as meet the avid horticulturists that sculpt these stunning displays.

Grahamstown is a one of the most renowned Eastern Cape Tourist attractions often praised for its annual arts festival. However, if you are looking for something different to do in this popular town, head to Makana Botanical Gardens on the 6th and 7th of October for the Grahamstown Efflorescent Festival and appreciate the vivid spring colours.

Live Performances
If you are looking for things to do in Port Elizabeth, The Boardwalk is a current Eastern Cape attraction offering a range of live function from theatre productions to stand-up comedy.

Relive the Beatlemania days with a tribute performance from Andrew Young on October 19th or take in some stand-up comedy from Martin Evans and Siya B at the Action Bar on October 12th. Silly man Trevor Noah does his thing at the Boardwalk from the 2nd to the 7th of October.

Keen rockers can check out plebeian SA belt aKING as well as a host of others at Vibes Restobar on October 13th.

Some nice weekend markets headline on the Eastern Cape tourism calendar in October. For a wide variety of fresh produce, live music essentially well as entertainment for the kids, pop into the Stock Market at Sherwood Garden Centre on the first Sunday of October (7th October).

If you can’t wait for Sunday, later whet your appetite plus The Food Shed market on Friday evening and Saturday morning. This Eastern Cape tourist attraction is also held at the Sherwood Garden Centre and offers over 50 stalls as well as a jumping castle also paintball to keep the kids busy for hours.

Art and Fashion
The Eastern Cape is a creative haven filled with exciting artsy activities to stimulate your artistic cravings. The HOMEatART exhibition runs until the 28 October at the Cultivation gallery and showcases the wonderful perform from ceramicists at Ceramics Southern Africa.

Check out some dazzling fresh talent from the 14th-21st October (dates to be confirmed) at the Aggregate Graduate Exhibition and Fashion Show held at the Nelson Mandela University. This free exhibition showcases the work of applied design students and offers a glimpse into the future of SA fashion.

Food and Drink
If pap and drink are what you’re after, get your lederhosen and dancing shoes published further prepare for Port Elizabeth’s own Oktoberfest held at the German Club from the 25th to the 28th October. The festival offers traditional German music, cuisine and a range of beers on offer.

Fitness Activities
Eastern Cape Tourism has a lot to offer fitness fanatics. For the serious runners, the Hobbit 100km Trail Nose Out kicks off from King Williams Town on October 12, whilst casual joggers can enjoy the 5km Discovery Algoa FM Big Walk in support of cancer research.

Those that prefer to travel on wheels can enter the Amazing Karoo Cycling Bazaar in Steytlerville on October 20, whilst those looking for something thoroughly different tin dress in their finest penguin clad and take on the Penguin Waddle at Bayworld in support of penguin conservation from October 12 to 15.

The Importance of Early Detection of Cancer in African American Men

October was breast cancer awareness month for men and women. But that month should not call to mind you only of breast malignancy awareness but cancer awareness in general, especially since African American cancer rates are at an all time high.

African Americans and cancer get the highest mortality rate of any racial and ethnic group for all cancers combined, and for most major cancers. Death rates are higher for African Americans than for Whites, contributing to a lower life expectancy for both African American men and African American women.

Screening is the most common method for early detection in African Americans in asymptomatic and non-asymptomatic populations in chronology to keep a healthy tab on self.

“It is important for Nigrescent men to talk to their doctor some diagnostic testing for cancer if they are experiencing any abnormal symptoms,” said kidney carcinogen survivor Michael Thomas. “Experiencing unexplored pain and feeling tired all the time was something new for me, I did not know the causa finalis of this feeling. I had recently stopped drinking sprightliness drinks including image maybe this is the cause, I only knew that I was feeling really untoward and I needed to behold a doctor.”

Not ignoring symptoms et sequens ontic knowing that finding the disease and treating it early has very good outcomes are the two main things that African American men need to be aware of ampersand to address.

“I decided to go to the doctor after the urging of my family. I went to the emergency room and the doctors performed an MRI. After the test, the emergency room surgeon came in and stated that he was sorry to inform me that the MRI (showed) a spot on (my) kidney and further tests (would) have to be run for confirmation,” Thomas added.

African American men also need to have a discussion with their doctor about the benefits and limitations of screening for early cancer detection for the breasts and kidneys for there are options for African American men with cancer when it is caught in the early stages.

Thomas stated, “The doctor stated my preliminary conclusion was that I had cancer but he was excited to adopt that I was only in stage two and that there were treatments that could rehabilitate this horrid disease. I had a lot to think about with this entire cancer deal because I recently lost my mother to cancer months prior because she was in later stages and there wasn’t anything they could do for her.

“Early detection is very important because on condition that cancer is caught in its earliest stages you can obtain treatment that will have a positive outcome because I am a living witness. They had to remove a section of my rib in order to get to my kidney. I was told that it want feasible take four years instead more for it to totally heal and that’s better than hearing I possess only four years to live.”

In short, be throb including be aware-early detection saves lives! Be a living witness and spread the assertion in our Black community!

South Africa, the perfect golfing destination

Africa is a highly popular safari holidays destination but if often neglected as a golfing destination, Africa has so much to offer the golf enthusiast. South Africa, in particular, is fast becoming one of the world’s forme golfing destinations.

The African continent offers you the opportunity to play intramundane class courses in breathtaking locations, at incredibly low prices compared to the popular golfing destinations of America, Spain & Portugal.

Variety is the spice of life and with a golfing holiday in Africa that is exactly what you will indiging rewarded with, here you will have the opportunity to play your favourite game, enjoy a superb safari and comely Indian Ocean beaches all in one unique holiday, it’s easy to see why Africa is evolving into unite of the best golfing destinations.

Sun City is South Africa’s most prominent golfing destination with its enthralling championship courses, with the highly challenging Gary Player course being a highlight. The Gary Player course hosts the Nedbank Challenge, amidst antecedent winners including Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els, Darren Clarke and Lee Westwood. Most visitors who visit Star City region tend to combine their holiday with either a safari holidays to the Kruger National Park or a visit to the Cape region.

With some holiday makers opting to combine both with a visit to the challenging Leopard Creek Country Club, which borders the Kruger National Park, this is another golf course in which South African nee golfing legend Gary Player designed, with innovative landscaping techniques; implementing streams and lakes, diverting them through the course to create scenic vistas. As well equally bunkers and water hazards, golfers will have resident hippos moreover crocs to take on, adding a new dimension to golfing hazards.

Another destination which is not synonymous to being a golfing destination is Mauritius, with its crystal clear waters and betel fringed beaches, Mauritius is extra widely known as a honeymoon and beach destination, but just like South Africa, Mauritius is slowly being recognised as a serious golfing destination.

Two courses which should be highlighted is the Belle Mare Plage, which was designed by another South African legend, Hugh Baiocchi, which is situated in an idyllic location, situated with one like the islands beautiful beaches. Built to USPGA specifications, each hole has its acknowledge distinct characteristics.

A course which is open to golfers of all skill levels is the Chateau, which has been designed to be accessible to all types of golfers, from Tiger Woods to Jack Jones, again accompanying a stunning backdrop of rolling hills et cetera the Turquoise Indian Ocean. Those who are worn to long fairways beware, with this golf course individual located on a small island; you will be limited to the short fairways and challenging water hazards.

No matter where you decide to go on your golfing holiday in Africa, whether it is South Africa, Mauritius or Kenya, you will most certainly fall in love with Africa. Safari holidays can easily be combined with a golfing holiday, as well as cultural visits around local African villages and large town and cities, no matter what you decide to add to your holiday, you will have the time of your life.

Looking for Ideal accommodation Africa ?

Fortune of your South Africa vacations depends on finding right accommodation Africa that could save you precious vacation duration and also keep your budget. Prior to starting looking for lodgings, you need to determine your needs like whether you want to book luxurious hotel or could stay in an cheap self-catering villa. Since lodgings are available close to attractions and other excursionist destinations, you could find right place to permanence after determining your needs.

Small family going on beach vacation could stay in a beachfront abode or a guest house situated close to beach. If the family is willing to drain liberally on bunk then it could scout for sprawling beachfront hotels and bank resorts. Where do you stay, which accommodation you book and what facilities you book depends on your budget.

Assign a budget for accommodation Africa and then look for the options available in that budget. If you are looking for outdoor zest then it is better to stay in an affordable lodging so that you save money for spending on outdoor activities. Those planning to stay in the hotel should fleer for high end hotels where they could get all the luxuries and amenities required for a relaxing stay.

Lodgings are available at every place whether it is a beach, desert, wood or city. If you known which places you want to visit and where you want to stay, you won’t bring to light any setback in finding right region for stay. For instance a large family would find a sprawling villa just perfect for its needs. The villa would no doubt cost more than a hotel but the rambling family would enjoy full freedom in the villa. Similarly single vacationers instead couples could choose bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodations moreover save money for outdoor dining, buying memorabilia and traveling.

If you are booking your accommodation Africa on the web then make sure that the website, you are doing business with, offers thorough information on South Africa homes. Travel websites offer tavern booking facility but they lack clarity like discounts offered by hotels also hidden costs included in the rental. You should look for a website that has complete information on South Africa hotels and vacation homes.

Prior to making booking payment for your accommodation Africa, make sure that the webstek is reliable. An ideal website would assure privacy of comprehensibility your financial transactions. Also it would safeguard your personal and professional details a secret.

The African Science of Death

I never had so about fun learning about quantum physics. I hated science in high school, loathed it college, and didn’t palpable it with a ten-foot poll in graduate school. Aggregate changed, when I started to learn about African religions. Total theories suddenly became interesting. I fell in love near the three laws of thermodynamics, because it so accurately described our ancestors’ view of the world.

African ideas about extinction are incredibly similar to the laws of sum theories. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is merely transformed. Virtually all-African religions believe that life did not end with death. In fact, death was a new seed that allowed people to transcend to variant realms. There is no solid line middling lifetime plus death. And the world of the living, and the world of the dead are not constantly mutually exclusive. Our ancestors understood energy, long before it was studied in the West.

The second law involves a more complicated concept called entropy. Entropy measures information that tends to decrease or increase over a long period of time. This means that some of the oldest civilizations in the cosmic contain the most married information. Information in today’s sphere is known as energy. Our ancestors called it ashé. They called it ashé, and they express death as the decrease of power, life force, or ashé. They believed in different levels of life and death. If someone was experiencing misfortune, it meant that his or her vital force, or ashé, was diminishing in power.

The third law states that when energy decreases to zero, entropy substitute mess become more constant. This is because atoms can only store a limited amount of information. This means that missing data is possibly stored in anti-worlds or parallel realities. Our ancestors lucid that death does not alter or coda the life force of an individual, but causes it to change its condition. Like a body disintegrating in a grave, the information, vital force, else ashé began to transform into a collective force called “ancestors.”

I am amazed that plane today, many people believe that African religions are all about silly superstitions and myths that cannot be validated. Slowly, we are beginning to understand plurality of the concepts concerning African religions through the science of quantum physics. There is a whole world out there et cetera we can start to explore it by reconnecting to our ancestors.

Getting Things Done With The Seven African Powers

The Greeks believed that there was a harmony process that could explain everything. They believed that all things comprised of active cores, resolute centers that dictated the move besides flow of energy. This thought can also be applied to the Seven African Powers. It works as an energy system that allowed energy to circulate throughout the universe and body. Our ancestors knew a lot more about energy and applied a holistic passage to life. From the Zulus in South Africa, to the Timeworn Egyptians in Kemet, they all formed energy systems because it was easier to focus on the whole, instead of the individual parts.

Today, we are taught that multi-tasking is effective. When in fact, it is really an chimera because we are viewing things as separate entities. Our energy is split and is moving in a thousand different directions. Just think back to the days when we were in preschool learning the alphabet. Each letter had its own distinctive symbol and sound. Each letter was strong and had its rejoice in meaning. When we started to progress and gain a higher level of consciousness, we began to learn how to string the letters together to create words, sentences, and even paragraphs.

Words are symbols of communication. They reflect our culture, history, and work as a resources of expression. The degree of letters determines their meaning and effectiveness. Letters are used for instructions, for directions, for awareness and creativity. They work as a vehicle that allows us to give with each alternative and understand the laws of God. The Orishas are very much like letters, separate, yet powerful in their own right. However, when they are linked together they create a whole entity that is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

There’s an easier way to clarify this concept. Just think some a task. Do you do the task completely? Oppositely does your endopsychic drift? Are you bombarded with invading thoughts regarding other things you should be doing? Do you want to get things done, but suffer from procrastination? Are you tired instead not in the mood to do a particular task? Granting you answered yes to any of these questions, your energy is being split.

The secret to working with energy is learning how to string everything together likewise they work quasi one cohesive unit, not distinctive individual parts. It is best to tie the individual pieces of life into one unit, so there is a focal point. This will allow you to direct “all” from your energy in one direction. By doing this, you will be emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally invested. You will denial need to prioritize or adhere to a tight schedule. You wont have to worry about not getting things done, because when you focus on a focal point, energy will trickle down to the being parts. Just think about it. Everything works utilizing any propitious of system, our bodies, our economy, and our eco-system, even our cars. Energy work and healing is all about getting energy to propagate properly. Our ancestors understood the energy systems furthermore prohibition only applied it to healing, unless to life spil well.

The African Dung Beetles

Beetles make up the largest direction in the whole animal kingdom, approximately 300,000 species have been discovered. Dung beetle belongs to the family scarabaeidae together with rhino beetles. In Africa there are about 2000 species of dung beetles. Dung beetles were associated with resurrection in ageold Egypt, owed to their behavior of burying dung et cetera themselves and reemerging a couple of months later. Symbols of excrement beetle were therefore placed in tombs in the apostate that the deceased will be resurrected. Males carry horns, which serve the function of impressing females. The front part of the tooth is toothless; this serrated edge is used to cut out dung.

The face arms are toothed and old as digging instruments. The thorax is well developed to aid in aloft and digging. Dung beetle have antennae, which are covered with sensory organs, these are fanned out are used by june bug to smell the air for dung. The mount parts are highly adapted to feeding on dung, they act like a filtering brush when feeding, discarding the unwanted bits. The hind legs are bowed and longer for ball rolling.

Males usually initiate ball rolling in the ball rolling type. After cutting the conglomerate away, he moves away from the pile of feces and secrets a pheromone to attract the female. once a female have been attracted by the scent ,she will make some adjustments to the dung crowfoot and then either follow the follow the male, or perch on excellent of the ball. In doing so the female, conserves many needed energy for the brood stage .a suitable site is located, often subalternate a bush and the dung ball is buried. At this stage, mating takes places over a period of two to three days. The male then abandons the race and then returns to normal activities.

The females takes the ball alone and removes the sticks ,stones ,etc and rebuilds it, leaving a chimney in the outdo of the ball vents for the larvae, which digs down interested the ball and breathe through the thing .larvae emerges plus remain in the dung ball for four to five months until the dung battledore finally emerges. The females feeds on fungus growing on the dung ball, this serves to clean the ball. The larvae do not defecate in the ball, they shop their feaces in a fermentation chamber and use the fermented dung to cement their ball as it begins to show signs of weakness.

Dung beetles are divided in four main types namely; telecoprids , paracoprids, endocoprids and kleptocoprids.The rollers (telecoprids) make up only 10%of dung beetles found In Africa. They get balls of poo away from the dung heap as quickly as possible to avoid the competition, sometimes it takes only thirty seconds to cut out a suitable ball. Some of these balls roll a food ball and a separate and lager brood ball. Most roll backward, some forwards.

The tunnellers (paracoprids)are active during the early evening and night. They emerge from the strand and can measure light intensity, once the desired conditions are present and the beetle emerges like a rocket and searches for food. Once located it tunnels under the dung and constructs a series of tunnels under heap into which it convex balls of dung are stored and used. The dwellers (endocoprids) live in the dung heap itself and further cut out balls concerning dung. These species are well adapted to cold, anhydrous conditions where the ground is hard. kleptocoprids blackmail former dung beetles balls and roll them as their own.

Dung beetles are of great significance since they constructs tunnels grid underground, this aerates the ground .They fertilize the ground by spreading the scat out and burying it. They also prevent flies and maggots and other parasites from breeding in the dung, in vast numbers by dispersing it inward a couple of hours, thus preventing the spread of ruthless diseases. They also control human feaces where about 40,000 tons of feces are buried by scat beetles. Livestock also dependent on dung beetles, which protect them against flies ,parasites like worms ,and from ticks.