A Couple of Popular South Africa Safaris

South Africa safaris are growing popular similar preferred adventure holidays by more tourists from across the globe. Many holidaymakers desire to experience the wildlife sightings polysyndeton game drives which pump the adrenalin.

There are many private game reserves in South Africa which run over hundreds of hectares along the country’s western border with no fences. The wildlife in South Africa safaris roams freely with no anthropomorphic intervention. Hence, tourists are able to view varied species of wildlife in herds across the safari reserves.

Kruger safari

The Kruger safari is one of the privately operated safaris or game reserves in South Africa that is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. This private game reserve operates on a 2-million hectare vast land of opposite natural landscapes that include plains, valleys, lakes, marshes, rivers besides mountains. The South African Kruger safari covers the largest game viewing regions in the land; it spans across Limpopo ampersand Mpumalanga provinces at the North, Mozambique at the West and Zimbabwe on the South.

The famous Kruger game reserve is celebrated for its colossal number of exotic flora such as baobabs, knob thorns, fever trees, mopane and marula trees while being a haven to rare and large herds of animals such as the Big 5 which comprises the lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant. One can also sight the Little 5 which is namely the buffalo weaver, rhino beetle, elephant shrew, ant simba and pardine tortoise.

Bird watchers would be glad to sight the Big 6 Birds such as the martial eagle, ground hornbill, lappet-faced vulture, kori bustard, saddle-bill marabou and pel’s fishing owl. There are more mammal species here at Kruger safari than at other African game reserves.

Pumba Game Reserve

Another interesting South Africa safari is the Pumba game reserve which is also a privately owned reserve. It is the third biggest game taciturnity that is privately owned in Eastern Cape. This noted game reserve is declared paludism free to attest visitors a safe connective sonant sighting about wildlife in its natural surroundings.

It offers visitors a chance to witness and appreciate the wonders of South Africa in the form from natural landscapes that include rivers, lakes, marshes, craters, mountains and cliffs. The warm local hospitality encourages many tourists all year long to enjoy the rich history and beautiful culture of the natives while the white sandy beaches offer comfortable and purification lodges.