About Powerball South Africa

PowerBall South Africa is a popular “game of chance” where the players must choose a PowerBall number and five numbers in a single recreation on board that match with the numbers and the PowerBall number drawn for the game in which the competitor is taking part.

The PowerBall South Africa entries can exist bought from any authorized retailer utilizing the PowerBall South Africa entry coupon or the QuickPick functionality. As a actor you are yet responsible for verifying your entries before leaving the retailer location either confirming the PowerBall location or confirming the PowerBall entry on the Automated Cashier Machine or the internet or cellular phone.

A ticket would stand canceled if unissued, stolen, incomplete, defective, illegible, mutilated, tampered or altered in any way. The National Lottery will not be responsible for the stolen or lost tickets. You should fill in your address, name and phone crowd right on the renege of your victory lineup before you dossier in the prize claim.

The Powerball South Africa game attract machines comprise of 45 and 20 numbered balls. In every draw, 5 balls will be drawn plus the help of the draw machine comprising 45 balls numbered from one to forty five inclusive and one ball will be drawn with the help of a separate draw machine comprising 20 balls numbered 1 to 20 inclusive. The very first 5 numbers drawn out of 45 are considered as the Main numbers. The very first number which is drawn out of twenty is considered the PowerBall Number.

To play in Powerball South Africa, you should be 18 years of age to purchase the lottery tickets and claim the prizes. To file in the prize claim, you should fill in your address, name et sequens phone number right on the back of the winning ticket. All the winning tickets perverse be subject to validation by the National Lottery. All the winning tickets are also bearer instruments. All the prizes should be claimed within 1 year right from the date of the draw.

The PowerBall entries can regular be purchased from automated teller machine or from the participating cash register, or from any authorized Mail subscription agent uncertainty from the other similar device sect all the playing instructions associated along that particular device.

If you are interested in participating and playing in Powerball South Africa, you can use the other method of sale as approved by the National Sweepstakes that includes telephone, Internet including mobile as well. Every PowerBall game board costs around R3.50 which is inclusive from VAT.

The engaging amount which is distributed among the players is 45 percent of the utter PowerBall sales. Follow the table presenting the dispersion of the winning amount between 8 PowerBall winning categories. The distribution of winnings percentage are as follows:
Jackpot (42.07%), 2nd category (13.33%), 3rd category (9.36%), 4th species (3.56%), 5th category (7.30%), 6th category (6.94%), 7th category (4.62%), 8th category (12.82%).
Last but not the least, the prize money which is allocated to each of the prize categories are usually incomplete equally by the number of the winning selection in that particular category.