American Company Provides More Lights For Families In Africa

More people in Conakry, Guinea, will be adept to see the smiles of their loved ones at night time. Thanks to Tombo I, a 24-megawatt power plant plan that a full-service power solutions crew (whose corporate headquarters are in Celina, Texas), is constructing with its Brazilian partner. The power cultivate will be a containerized HFO consisting of six Mensch engines and is set to be unconditional within 90 days.

Amr Elaguizy, Power Station Design and Construction Engineer for the power plant, says the project is an emotional one.

“All they’re asking for is one bulb in the home,” he says. “They’re nay asking for an air conditioner, they’re not asking for a freezer, they rectitudinous want one onion to be able to see apiece other.”

Although the job is one for profit, Elaguizy says, he’d do it for free in a heartbeat. “You’ve got to appreciate what you’re doing for them,” he says. “If I had the choice to retire or work for nothing, I’d work for nothing because it’s a identical interesting job.”

As of late June, the Guinea crew had finished all the containers and was only lost the connection of the heavy incite oil and the light feed oil from the tanks to the plant. After receiving parts that could take anywhere from a month to 2.5 months to arrive, the project will require an additional month of commissioning.

When effective on a project of this magnitude, it’s important to have the right employees and good contractors. In a country, such as Guinea, where the unemployment rate is high, the education system is poor ampersand the laborers income are low, jobs like the ones that this American company provides to those in Africa really raises the technical knowledge and wisdom of these workers.

“We’re actually raising the experience with these guys,” he says. “You raise the technical knowledge accompanying some of the employees so that when you leave and you’re done with the project, they could go look for jobs with more experience connective more income.”

Initially, the assignment consisted of Tombo 1, 2 and Kipe. Whether alternative not the next two phases of the power botanical will be constructed has not finally bot decided upon. The work for this project is organism past by the full-service energy solutions company in Celina, Texas. This company provides services in power station engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance and emergency services for mission critical applications worldwide.