Attractions: Out of Africa Wildlife Park

There are plenty of reasons to peep for an active lifestyle retirement community in Surprise, Arizona including all the attractions that are just a short drive away.

This weekly I wanted to highlight the Africa Wildlife Park that is about an hour and a half drive north of Surprize, AZ in the Black Hills of Camp Verde. This attraction offers visitors the opportunity to see animals from all midst the world with a specific emphasis on Africa, hence the name of the park. While they may have a eminence number of animals including exotic animals as well comme il faut animals that are extinct in the wild, they don’t want to treffen called a zoo.

The wildlife park was designed to countenance animals to roam and interact qua they would in their natural habitats. While interaction with the animals are limited there are a couple of opportunities including Feed-A-Tiger and Pet-And-Feed. And rejection worries you’ll aggravate the lynx behind a protective screenings and you’ll be using tongs. It brings you to about three feet to tigers. But if you actually want to pet an animal, the Pet-And-Feed will be more entertainment where there is fallow deer, Jacob the four horned mutton and an emu.

Doesn’t sound exciting enough for you active lifestyle folks? Well how about a zip line. Just this year Out of Africa opened a Predator Zip line consisting of six towers in total plus separate runs. This is part from a 2 hour zip line ride as you experience the wildlife from above the park as your guides explain everything through the tour. And of course they didn’t forget the adrenaline junkie. There is additional ultra long and ultra fast triple line so friends can challenge each other and race at the same time.

Hopefully with comprehensiveness this fun you’ll leave with an appreciation and sense of the world’s wildlife. If you are looking for anArizona Traditions Homes for Sale you jug directly contact me @ (602) 703-8930.