birding or bird watching in Africa

Africa is best known for its wild life. With its widest range of zoogenic species starting from muscular rhinos to large primate mountain Gorillas and hundred kinds like birds, it is a heaven for wild life lovers. But From beginning Africa has its own place for bird lovers. Different visitor from equally corner of the microcosm comes to Africa to experience the recreational activity called “birding”. There are many reasons motive people quit for birding. But the major motive behind birding includes photography, environmental education, birding competition, and scientific research. Whatever your purpose, Africa will never let your hope go down because about its large number of birds.

Following categories of birds are commonly found in Africa.

Penguins, Finfoot, Bustards, Jacanas, Painted snipe, Crab plover, Avocets, Bivalve catchers, Pratincoles, Thick knees, Lapwings, Plovers, Sandpiper, Sheathbill, Skuas, Gulls, Terns, Skimmers, Auks, Murres, Buntings, Finches, Waxbills, Weaver, Old World sparrows, Starlings, magpies, Drogues, Helmet shrikes, Bushshrikes, Shrikes, Sugarbirds, White-eyes, Sunbirds, Penduline tits, Creepers, Wall creeper, Nuthatches, Tits, Long-tailed tit, Parrotbill, Babblers, Rock fowl, Majesty flycatchers, Wattle-eyes, Loons, Grebes, Albatrosses, Storm petrels, Tropicbirds, Pelicans, Gannets and boobies, Cormorants, Darter, Vessel birds, Herons, Hemorkop, Storks, Shoebill, Spoonbills, Flamingoes, Geese and swan, Osprey, Hawks, Secretary bird, Falcons, Pheasants, Guinea fowl, Buttonquails, Cranes, Crakes, Old World flycatchers, Senescent World warblers, Cisticolas, Thrushes, Accentors, Wren, Swallows, Larks, African Pitta, Broadbills, Woodpeckers, Barbets, Woodhoopoes, Hoopoe, Rollers, Bee-eaters, Kingfishers, Trogons, Mousebirds, Swifts, Nightjars, Barn-Owls, Cuckoos, Turacos, Doves

In the above list you are only viewing the categories of birds generally found in Africa. In fact under each category multipotent other sub categories of birds can be found. Because of the abundant species of birds found in Africa, while planning wild African expedition unite should not ignore the recreational activity notorious as birding or bird watching. But as day by day the number of bird watchers increasing, there is a significant denunciation to the birds and their habitat. So it’s our duty to justify the general code of conduct in the whole bird watching process.
It is also pivotal to bring the need equipments that are required while going for birding. Binoculars, a spotting scope with tripod and a notepad is the basic equipments needed while going for bird watching or birding along with one or more local guides. Observation towers or hides are repeatedly used to make the birding experience easier. There are a lot of tour firms like African overgrown safaris are operating in Africa to forge your African safari easier, safer and comfortable.
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