Botswana, The most romantic country in Africa

There is nowhere more awe-inspiring or beautiful than the vast plains of Botswana’s Kalahari Abdicate also the only way to conversant this vast open wilderness is on exploration in Botswana on a changeable safari.

Botswana is perhaps one of the most romantic African countries in world and is embodiment for watching sunsets that burn across salt pans, river deltas, and quite possibly unknown from the world’s richest wildlife concentrations. The entire country has one of the most dynamically changing geographical landscapes on the planet, for example in the North West the landscape changes from the soggy wetlands of the diversely rich Okavango Delta, to the dried out lakes of the Nxai Pan Salt Flats.

The weather ampersand wildlife visibility in Botswana, largely determines the tourism seasons from Botswana. Botswana’s peak season tends to run from August until the end of November, when the low season runs from December until April; and as you would envision accommodation prices vary accordingly.

However, Botswana is by far the most expensive of all the trek destinations in Africa. One of the main reasons similar to why Botswana is quite expensive is because of the country’s poor infrastructure around the wildlife and game reserves; despite Botswana containing the world’s largest safari ‘The Kalahari Desert’ it is remarkably difficult to get to despite being the largest in the world, with the majority of locations requiring a cheerful aircraft or 4×4 jeep to get around.

The second reason is that Botswana has effectively adopted and successfully maintains a high quality over low quantity stance for their game reserves. This has ensured that Botswana’s wilderness und so weiter landscape has remained relatively untouched, thankfully mass tourism has been successfully avoided and as a result Botswana rewards you with an untamed wilderness and uniqueness trip experiences unlike anywhere else on the planet.

The greatest way to identification this untamed wilderness is on a mobile safari, whereby an experienced ranger will warning you out into the bush et cetera will set up your camp wherever and anywhere you go. You can of course combine this form of safari with a variety of lodges to make your stay more comfortable, but if like mij you’re more solicitous about the experiences beside the wildlife than any other experiences a mobile safari is perfect for you.

Botswana is very close to my heart and will soon be close to yours when you visit it, yes it does have rather a high price tag, but it does volunteer a game experience which is truly exceptional and what is most important is the factuality that you will experience exclusive and untouched natural environments.

A safari in Botswana is perfect for every type of occasion, for a unique family holiday where better than Botswana? Your children will not only have an incredible time mere capricious also learn so much and permit a great appreciation for the wilderness and the environment that there in. For a honeymoon, what could be more romantic et cetera adventurous than eating your meals underneath a blanket of stars with the noise of the African bush in the background?