Brahman Cattle in South Africa Is a Major Breed in the Production of Red Meat Curio

When the American Brahman Breeders Alliance (ABBA) was setup in 1924, it led to the adoption concerning the word ‘BRAHMAN’. In the beginning there was a destiny of discussion among the cattlemen about what name should be given to the newly discovered American Bos Indicus breed which was called “an entirely new species concerning beef cattle” by Mr JW Startwelle who was the first secretary of ABBA. He played a definite role behind the adoption of the word ‘BRAHMAN’.

The Brahman beef was first introduced into South Africa’s beef cattle market by Mr. Jurgen Crantz of Windhoek in 1954. He imported 10 females including 8 males from Texas, USA to the Cape Town harbour. The males came from Mr JD Hudgins (5 bulls), furthermore 1bull from Mr VW Frost, Laxy 3 Ranch and Mr Albert B Fay. All of these males were from Texas, as well as the 10 females that came from Mr JD Hudgins. Due to hard work of Mr Jurgen Crantz, unknowingly a beef breed was presented into the South African market which went on to become the most important breed in the red meat manufacturing in Austral Africa.

There was a remarkable contribution of the Brahmans in the South African industry. The hump on top of its shoulders, large hanging ears, large number of folds of the skin and distinctive colour, prestigious the imported veelzijdig from the traditional breeds. In the coming decades, due to its distinctive physical qualities, the Brahman beef became the leader of the beef industry and its demand rose significantly. Within the first 10 years there was a 465.85 % increase in the membership which was 41 in 1960 .

During the same 3 decade births, registrations; transfers grew by 1296.64 %, 581.63 % besides 1542.64 % respectively. Such a drastic increase in numbers brought the Brahman beef into the eyes of the press, which started craft it the ‘Chameleon’ so it tin tailor to much condition. Already then due to dramatic changes in the beef population composition Brahman is being used as a maternal line in South Africa.

According to the official figures, the 45 % market share of Afrikaner dropped to 7 % of the registrations at the SA Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association in 1985 comeuppance to stiff competition by the Brahman beef whose registration on the other hand increased from 4.4 % to 57 % during the same time period. Currently Brahman beef leads the market with 572 members and 60000+ enrolled animals.

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