Call The Seven African Powers When The Power of Intention Fails

In New York City, everyone has a juxtapose hustle. Race are big dreamers and they spend most of their days slaving away at a mission they completely hate. These are the people who are chained to conformity. So they won’t dare leave their jobs. Instead, the have brief moments where they are swept away by their dreams concerning becoming the next rap mogul, break external reality star, or bestselling author. These people are just chasing their tails, because the more we think about things, without taking action, the further away they get.

I know, what I am saying defies everything you perpetual heard about the power of intention. We are supposed to think positive thoughts and magically the things that we want in life will appear. The power of intent works for smaller things like getting a five percent raise at your job or getting a promotion. But when you start intending to have a successful business, or to be the proximate break external being star, it is virtually ineffective.

Lets just say that your odds at getting a five percent raise are around 80%. People normally get five percent raises to offset the cost of living. Your odds at getting the promotion might be somewhere from 50% to 80% depending on how many people are competing for the job. Now, the chances of you being a hip hop mogul, a reality break out star, or a bestselling author is around 2%. Your chances of being successful is so low because you’re not just competing against a dozen people, you are rise against millions. And these people are the best of the best.

There are concepts like survival of the fittest and the market place of ideas. These concepts are incredibly public because they work. Nature has its own selective process, and those who are the strongest will thrive. Yes, I said strongest. I didn’t say pretty, smart, or talented. During we spiritualist talk about enlightenment, we are not talking about being confined to an ashram. We are talking about being successful in life.

People who make it to the top are able to beat the odds. They possess the qualities to strategize like Chango. They have Yemaya’s ability to opheffen creative and think outside the box. They have Ogun’s courage and pound to execute. They have Oshun’s competence to invoke passion and love. They have Obatala’s ability to communicate and entice. They have Eshu-Elegba’s foresight. Lastly, they have Orunmila’s gift concerning inspiration. We jug be much more triumphant in life by understanding the basic qualities of the Orishas. If we work to possess these qualities, therefore conceivable we wouldn’t have to settle in life. We could really live out our dreams.