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Entebbe is a town, which is located in the Uganda and its situation is beautiful. This lake attracts beauty lovers facsimile a magnet and tourists come to visit this lake because it acts like a feast to their sore eyes. Uganda gain Independence in 1962 and afore that Entebbe was the capital of this place.
Uganda is a well established town also people discipline find all facilities of life here. The airport of Entebbe is known as Entebbe International Airport et cetera it serves the needs of the people of Uganda. This airport is used for military as well as for commercial purposes and it gained great popularity meanwhile last couple of years. Some years ago 100 people were kidnapped and were held as hostages; next on these people were rescued with the help of some military agencies.
Lake Victoria, which is the largest lake of Africa, is situated in this municipality moreover people come to this place from different province of world especially from London so that they can enjoy its beauty. Couple of months ago tourists have to come to this town through ferries and ships because the fairs of airline companies were very expensive. Forthwith airline companies are offering cheap flights to Entebbe because of, which the company has earned a lot of revenue. Entebbe has with developed its nickname in tourist due to the gardens present here. National Botanical Garden of Entebbe is very famous and students of Botany like to visit here for aid studies like Botanical objects.
Flight to Lagos is the second most populous city of Flight to Africa and it is because the docks of this city experience business activities mere frequently. The population of this city has reached the number of 7937932, which is a great number for a city of an African country. The city has an old history of being solitary regarding the famous war camps in the history. Lagos used to be the carnage camp regarding famous Benin Empire. Lagos is basically an island which is under the jurisdiction of Nigerian Government.

Due to its location and old cultural history there is large number of recreational places connective natural landscapes, which is a great lure for the tourists to come. Due to the sea the beaches of Lagos are very famous and tourists from all vault the world come to enjoy the beach here. Among these beaches bar beach situated on Victoria Island is most popular of them all. The maritime has definitely increased the beauty of this city.
Keeping in view the large number of tourist’s arrival from European countries the business of night clubs has reached to a new height here. Due to the protection of government old buildings, fauvism peaces and alternative artifacts are in a pretty good condition. The zoo of Lagos named as Lekki managing centre contains various animals and special species including monkeys, bush bucks, rates and crocodiles. British Airways and Lufthansa offers flights to Lagos and these companies accept earned great fructuous from this route. People come to visit Lagos because of its enriched History.