Cloud Storage Services Provider in South Africa

Fatbdugie-cloud-PBX-company-logo.png If you are looking for Cloud Storage South Africa, your search ends with us. Cloud Hosting & Storage have augment very common terminology today. But there is still a lot of confusion about what exactly do they mean. So, let us first understand what they mean.

Cloud Hosting works on the most element principle of ‘Divide & Rule’ – the resources required to run a website are spread across multiple interconnected web servers that form a ‘Cloud’. Cloud Hosting is sometimes referred to as ‘Server On-Demand Hosting’ ditto therefore the possessions needed are rendered as per need basis.

There are diverse features & benefits of Cloud Hosting & Storage:
* Reliability: Though a website is hosted using a Cloud, the website is hosted on an array of web servers rather than just a single server. Leu if one server goes offline, the resources from that server are shifted to the leftover web servers. Even though this dilutes the level of resource available to the cloud a little, still the availability regarding the website is not affected at all. Some of the larger cloud platforms even have the ability to survive an entire data centre going offline as the cloud consists of a car of multiple data centres spread athwart different locations that also minimises the risk due to any uneventful spontaneous calamity or hazard.

* Physical Security: The physical servers that are a element of the Swarm are still housed within data centres and so benefit from the security measures that are implemented near those facilities to prevent people accessing or disrupting them on-site.
* Scalability and Flexibility: The resources are available in real time on summon and not reserved to the physical capacity of one server. Based on the client’s need due to increase in visitor traffic or addition of new functionalities or data, extra resource can be added & accessed seamlessly.
* Pay What You Use: The biggest blessing like using the Cloud Hosting & Storage is that the client only pays for what they really use. The resources are available for increase in demand but there is no wasted capacity leftover unused when expostulate is lower.
* Responsive Stow Balancing: Software based load balancing takes care of the in perpetuity changing demands and is instantly scalable.

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