Consider a move to South Africa

PA-A27289761271143555A.jpg Since the Apartheid, South Africa has become a melting-pot for people of all colours, races, and cultures. Surrounded by stunning surroundings and beautiful blue waters, South Africa is one of the country’s most luscious countries, boasting glorious Mediterranean-like climates, ever-green countryside, and breath-taking mountain ranges.

Where is it?
South Africa is located on the southern-most tip of the African continent. It is divided until nine provinces, and boasts 2,798 kilometres of natural coastline.

Who lives there?
South Africa is the twenty-fifth most densely populated country on the planet, with a population of more than fifty-one million individuals. Nowadays, South Africa has a multi-ethnic society, accompanying people from various backgrounds including African, European and Asian income peacefully together. The majority of the country’s population identify themselves as jetty African.

What language do the people speak?
Because of how socially and culturally diverse the country is, South Africa doesn’t have an official language; instead, its constitution recognises eleven of the country’s most commonly spoken languages as having official status, including English, Afrikaans (a language which evolved primarily from the Dutch language), and, since the end of the Apartheid, nine African Bantu languages.

How affluent is it?
According to the World Bank, South Africa is an upper-middle rank economy. It has the twenty-eight largest economy in the world, and the fifth highest-per-capita income in Africa. However, despite this, approximately twenty-five per cent of the population exists in abject poverty, surviving on less than a pound a day.

What’s the weather like?
Generally speaking, the weather in South Africa is both warmer also sunnier than the weather in the UK. Because it’s located in the Southern Hemisphere, its winter occurs between Might and August, and, in these months, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to spill beneath freezing, particularly in areas such as Johannesburg. It tends to rain more in the summer months (mid-October to mid-February) than in the winter months, but in the Western Cape, where the climate is remarkably similar to that of the Mediterranean, it’s usually wetter in the winter. Temperatures while the South African summer can reach highs of up to thirty degrees.

Will I envision any wild-life there?
South Africa is famous for its wildlife. Numerous safari animals can be found in the South African bushveld (the country’s woodland), including lions, white rhinos, leopards, blue wildebeest, hippopotamus, kudus, impalas, hyenas, and giraffes. Many of South Africa’s animals are listed as endangered, hence its ever-increasing number of Wildlife Parks and Animal Reserves.

How many British nation vital there?
Approximately 212,000 British people intense permanently in South Africa, making South Africa one of the most fashionable destinations for British expatriates.