Corbett National Park: India’s Own African Safari

The Jim Corbett national park situated in India is well known for its diverse species of flora and fauna. But who was this Jim Corbett? And why is India’s oldest national park named following him? As it turns out, Corbett was born to Irish parents in Nainital, India and later went onto to become a colonel in the British Indian army. It is during this period that he was appointed to hunt man- eating tigers and leopards that wrecked havoc on nearby villages. These escapades earned him much respect among the local people. Behind in- depth study and analysis, he soon became deeply disturbed through the unfortunate circumstances that befitted these wild animals and sought ways to secure a better life for the creatures. One thing led to another, and a national park now stands in honor of his name and present to the protection of plant moreover animal species and can live visited through Nainital Corbett packages.

Initially, the preserve was established in the early 90’s as the Hailey’s park. It is one like the few natural environments erected to protect the endangered Bengal tiger. But its animals are not omneity this park is storied for. It is said to contain close to 500 species of plants and a diversity about fauna. Travelling here is a magnificent experience for those edging for a bit of adventure and discovery. It is also the perfect in loco to be visited through Corbett tour packages for those who wish to get closer to nature at its best. Corbett ethnic park also hosts a spectacular waterfall, towering 20 meters’ high, surrounded by wildlife and a complete prudence of serenity.

There are a bunch of Nainital Corbett packages available for the eager traveler to take from. There are packages voluntary to suit what you most want gone for the experience. Get one on one with the tigers, experience the beauty of the mighty elephant or go bird watching; the choice is yours. Take a jeep exploration through the enchanted park sections and discover your wild side. The Jim Corbett national park has something for everyone. It is the perfect getaway for people of all ages. Being close to nature and experiencing animals in their endogenous habitat is something that can never be forgotten in an entire lifetime.

Corbett tour packages are conducted concerning the park itself and also by many other individual tour operators. They also have packages where you can spend a day or two in one of the plurality lodges; and even weeks if you authoritative on getting a little ‘me’ time in the wild. This national store can also serve as the perfect trip for a collateral getaway. For companies who wish for their employees to get a piece of the jungle too, there are a number of corporate packages available to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Book your tours now and experience nature at its best!