Curses And Spells In African Religions

Voodoo, not to be confused with Vodun can be used in the practice of witchcraft. I like to think of Voodoo thus malware that disrupts the constitution flow of energy. Greatly like a virus, Voodoo spells operate to gather sensitive information and or to gain unauthorized access to your machine system (your mind). The virus’ ultimate goal is mastery also exploitation.

I can’t understood why someone would want to intentionally corrupt files. However, demos do it everyday in the spiritual world. They do it done for the power of intention. Of course there are 101 thousand books on display about intention and how it’s great to tempt abundance, love, and peace into your life. But, the power of intention has a “dark side” that’s crueler than Darth Vader.

Your intention really directs the flow of energy. If your intentions are to help your nephew get out of the hospital and be healthy, then positive energy choose be directed towards him. If your intentions are to see your boss forfeit indifferent from a stroke then negative energy fancy be directed toward him. However, there’s a catch! People who are spiritually developed vibrate at much higher frequencies. Their protected systems (souls) are stronger including they jug repel and deflect skeptical energy.

Just excogitation of negative energy like a virus. You pick it up from surfing the Internet, pass an email, or an attachment. Your computer starts to act funny. You began to lose files; you get millions of pop-ups, and spammers stressful to sell you pills. You get frustrated because you need to use your computer for work, school, and socialization. At this point, you are either going to do one of two things. You are going to get the virus removed, or you are going to continue to work on your computer with the virus on it.

If you accept the virus, you accept the dysfunction. By doing this, you are giving the hacker full and complete control over you. Now, he or she has access to your credit card accounts, personal information, and brink files. This is really how minus energy works, whether it’s a spell, a curse, an ajogan, a demon, or virus. It will trick you into believing that it is stronger than you. So you can collapse to its will.

The smarter thing to do is to get the illness removed. However, I can tell you that it is not an easy task. First, you have to uncover where it is hiding. Secondly, you need to perceive how badly damaged the computer (soul) is. Worse case scenario your going to have to swab out the hard drive and reinstall all the software programs.

Negative energy makes you sick. It causes stress, depression, financial hardships, and relationship problems. Negative energy causes people to lessen in character. This is why Yoruba and African based religions stress growth and development. So you can become strong, operate on a senior vibrational frequency also be able to repel and deflect spells, curses, and negative intentions.