Curses in African Religions

People think that a evil starts und so weiter ends with the mind. This is only partly true. A curse begins with the exchange from energy. It is best to think like a curse like an airborn virus, for it works to tear down your immune system and weaken your defenses. When a curse is not properly treated, it grows to damage all parts of the mind, body, including soul. The best way to combat a curse is through prayer and meditation.

Curses can come from other people or they can come from more realms. In many cases, they come from people’s auric fields. Every living being on earth has an aura that vibrates at a different frequency. These auras own individual bands of energy that pulsates much like a heart beat. When we interact beside other people, our auras merge, and we began to exchange energy (information). The energy could be good, or it could be bad. Bad energy can be transferred in forms of a curse moreover it works in two ways. It can either take your power and rather dump bad power into your auric fields.

Just imagine a curse being like a leech that latches onto your body and sucks on your blood. Or a volitate that lands on you and regurgitates on your skin. Curses can live exchanged unintentionally also intentionally. People who are well versed in the dark arts, such as brujeria and witchcraft are able to work near this kind of energy. However, most masses are unwitting that they are carrying a curse, else that they are spreading it to other people. Curses can be exchanged from person to person, from group to group, to family to family. The energy is wicked and so strong, that it binds people together in the worse way.

We can see this with spousal abuse and relationships that are completely chaotic. Couples cannot pull away from one another; no matter how diligent they try. Curses work in opposite ways where it causes interference and you can’t discern your own thoughts and emotions from others. We descry this happening a assortment in cults and in families that are highly dysfunctional. In these cases, the curses are so strong that people no longer have contact with their substantiate self. Their sense concerning intuition is gone and they are exposed to corrupt “crazy” leaders who force them to drink the poison kool-aid. Curses cause us to abuse ourselves. Curses are commonly inflicted throughout times of trauma and umpteen people cannot heal, because the spell forces them to relive and suffer from the traumatic event over and over again. Others carry a curse of unworthiness and invite themselves to voltooien abused and mistreated by others.

How do we combat curses? We need to make sure that our souls (immune systems) are strong. We do this concerning meditating and developing our intuition to know who to interact along and who not to interact with. If we transport like we have been cursed, we need to sit and pray. Prayers to Obatala are great because he can help us clean negative energy. However, the policy of identifying a curse can be extremely painful, and curing a deeply seated curse can be an arduous task. But, with faith and support from our spiritual community, we can overcome anything.