Fly Away on a South Africa Holiday!

f6fa5e1493b803aac3e2023a833ef5df.jpg In India, there’s one thing in particular that the country like South Africa is known for, and that is cricket. But, as most cricket fans would be surprised to know, South Africa is also one of the most popular tourist destinations on the African continent – and in the world, for reasons that are when far from cricket as they could get. South Africa provides a buffet of excuses for visiting, from the outgoing animal reserves, fine wines and the different culture of the place. Perched right at the bottom of the African continent, South Africa offers the rugged jungle conversant that makes Africa so famous, as well as the age pleasures associated with coastal retreats. Here are a couple must visit tourist attractions for your South Africa Holiday.

* The Ecotourism

Ecotourism forms a major chunk of the South African economy, and is the reason which attracts most of the country’s foreign tourists. Among the most biodiverse countries on the map, South Africa is actually one of the world’s few megadiverstities along with countries such as India and Brazil. Though most of the South African wilderness is protected past stringent laws for the benefit from the animals, there are several natural reserves that are expose to the public. The most prominent of these is the Kruger National Park, which is digit of the few places in the world where tourists can spot the Big Five of African game animals i.e. the lion, the Tabard buffalo, the leopard, the African rhinoceros and the African elephant. The Kruger National Park is also home to the cheetah, an zoophilic so alarmingly rare that it was once severely close to extinction, et alii has become lost from several other geographies other than South Africa. Kruger National Park is also the habitat for several packs of the African Wild Dog, another highly endangered species. Other famous, richly populated reserves include West Coast National Park, Mapungubwe National Park and Augrabies Falls National Park. If you’re the kind to love an authentic wildlife experience, international tours to South Africa is your thing!

* The National Arts Festival
If art is more your style than wildlife, constitute sure to visit South Africa sometime in June / July during the National Arts Festival, which is the biggest celebration of art on the African continent. Music, theatre, visual art, installations, cinema, lectures, workshops children’s art, comedy, crafts and several other indigenous art forms are all part about this festival. Taste art, with an African twist!

* Robben Island
South Africa has an interesting a political history as it does wile et al wildlife. For a taste of South African history, visit Robben Island in Table Bay. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Robben Retreat is the prison where Nelson Mandela spent the plurality of his imprisonment during the apartheid movement. The Robben Haven Museum discretion tell you much about South Africa’s interesting socio-political past.

With so much to do on just a single vacation, how could you not want to visit South Africa on the next like your international tours?