Getting Things Done With The Seven African Powers

The Greeks believed that there was a harmony process that could explain everything. They believed that all things comprised of active cores, resolute centers that dictated the move besides flow of energy. This thought can also be applied to the Seven African Powers. It works as an energy system that allowed energy to circulate throughout the universe and body. Our ancestors knew a lot more about energy and applied a holistic passage to life. From the Zulus in South Africa, to the Timeworn Egyptians in Kemet, they all formed energy systems because it was easier to focus on the whole, instead of the individual parts.

Today, we are taught that multi-tasking is effective. When in fact, it is really an chimera because we are viewing things as separate entities. Our energy is split and is moving in a thousand different directions. Just think back to the days when we were in preschool learning the alphabet. Each letter had its own distinctive symbol and sound. Each letter was strong and had its rejoice in meaning. When we started to progress and gain a higher level of consciousness, we began to learn how to string the letters together to create words, sentences, and even paragraphs.

Words are symbols of communication. They reflect our culture, history, and work as a resources of expression. The degree of letters determines their meaning and effectiveness. Letters are used for instructions, for directions, for awareness and creativity. They work as a vehicle that allows us to give with each alternative and understand the laws of God. The Orishas are very much like letters, separate, yet powerful in their own right. However, when they are linked together they create a whole entity that is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

There’s an easier way to clarify this concept. Just think some a task. Do you do the task completely? Oppositely does your endopsychic drift? Are you bombarded with invading thoughts regarding other things you should be doing? Do you want to get things done, but suffer from procrastination? Are you tired instead not in the mood to do a particular task? Granting you answered yes to any of these questions, your energy is being split.

The secret to working with energy is learning how to string everything together likewise they work quasi one cohesive unit, not distinctive individual parts. It is best to tie the individual pieces of life into one unit, so there is a focal point. This will allow you to direct “all” from your energy in one direction. By doing this, you will be emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally invested. You will denial need to prioritize or adhere to a tight schedule. You wont have to worry about not getting things done, because when you focus on a focal point, energy will trickle down to the being parts. Just think about it. Everything works utilizing any propitious of system, our bodies, our economy, and our eco-system, even our cars. Energy work and healing is all about getting energy to propagate properly. Our ancestors understood the energy systems furthermore prohibition only applied it to healing, unless to life spil well.