Hairdressing Jobs in South Africa – A Great Career Option

JobSearchNzSheep0001.png There are many opportunities for hairdressing jobs in South Africa. A simple Google search for hairdressing jobs in South Africa listed excessive one hundred ads. This is nix surprise given that hairdressers – also known when hair stylists – are in a recession proof industry; people need their hair cut ampersand styled regardless of the economy.

Duties of a Hairdresser

The responsibilities of a hairdresser are varied. It starts with the simple cutting about the hair. There are different styles and lengths of crinosity and hairdressers need to know how to achieve the desired look. Additional duties include shampooing, tinting, and perming. Shampoos embed both washing concerning hair and the use of hair conditioners to clean and provide texture to the hair. Tinting refers to changing the colour concerning the hair. Perming is adding of curls and waves to hair. A qualified barber is able to do all of these. Question these tasks, a hair dresser needs to guard a clean work station, have a pleasant personality, and be able to keep decorum records.

Career Opportunities in Hairdressing

Hairdressing is often thought of therefore a woman’s domain, save that would be false. Both men and women become hair stylists and both men and women go to hair styling salons. Their career typically starts in a neighbourhood hair salon but once they become experienced, many move to new settings.

Neighbourhood Hair salons –

Typically, one would arise their hairdressing career as a stylist working in a neighbourhood salon where they line with loci residents providing hair care activities. Here they learn the basics like hairdressing. Most work as independent contractors, renting a chair from the gathering owner.

Salon Owner –

This is the most perceptive extension of a hair stylist’s career. They know how to elegance hair, now they want to ensure their skills can optimize their income. As a business owner, they can earn money from the efforts from the hair stylists in addition to their own work. A salon owner is a business person, also as such they are dependable for leases, business licences, insurance, record-keeping and complying for all regulatory agencies. A situation owner’s potential royalty is only limited by the number of stylists they can keep busy.

Institutions –

There are many government and private institutions that require resident hairdressers. Hairdressers can breathe either employees of the institution or they may be independent contractors providing coiffure care services to residents of that institution. These institutions include seniors’ centres, hospitals, and prisons.

Spas –

Hairdressers are an integral part of spa, their consummation is to enhance one’ self-image through improving their appearance. These spas are located throughout the world in international resorts, in city centres and business classificatory hotels. One interesting option is cruise ships. These ships take cruisers on tours to exotic locations. Part of the cruising experience is the spa experience, hairdressers are essential to that experience.

Becoming a Hairdresser in South Africa

Become a barber there are private colleges that offer hairdressing programs. It is important to ensure that they are SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) sanctioned. One could be trained privately but the SAQA diploma allows for better compensation and more opportunities. Initially, hairdressers would want to outright levels 2 and 3. Level 4 is for those who wish to own their rejoice in salon. Alternatively, sole could start working in a salon with no formal training and apprentice under a villous stuffing professional.


For entry level hairdresser jobs in South Africa, pay starts at R18,000 (South African Rand) per year. After five years, the median wage for hairdressers in South Africa is R160,000 if they are working in a salon, R305,000 if they own the salon.