HFO and Diesel Generator Supplier Invited to Strategic Growth Forum In Africa

In March 2012, William Gruver, CEO and Dean Castillo, CSO, of a global power company headquartered in Dallas, recently joined a select group of innovative entrepreneurial, government, and business leaders invited to participate in the first-ever Strategic Growth Forum in Africa hosted by Ernst & Young, worldwide leader in business services. Held in Cape Town, this successful circumstantiality brought masterly innovators and political leaders together to cut perspectives, discuss challenges, and strategize ways to expand business and investment in these strategic growth countries, and to spur CEOs and top officials to think beyond commonly perceived boundaries and misconceptions to the continent’s current, credible and exciting potential.

As technology, investment, connective trade couple firms around the world, the continent of Africa is attracting strategic investors due to its real and enormous growth possibilities, with stats showing three quarters of strange investment in 10 African countries. The Dallas-based company, whose mission is to is to deliver the most cost effective power solutions in the strategic enlargement country marketplace, has teams on the ground in countries such as Sierra Leone and Guinea, providing creative global charismatic solutions, specializing in the engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance concerning diesel, heavy fuel lanolin (HFO) generators, and biomass power plant projects which are providing the power resources that people need to launch sustainable new swelling initiatives and expand significant business opportunities all across Africa.

The company’s vision, mission, and center values center through trust and integrity. “They make us extremely different in emerging economies that are rife with corruption and where anything goes,” says Will Gruver. Unit of Gruver’s objective is to ensure that clients, vendors and prospects understand that his guest is the most trusted supplier from empire stations in the world and that granting customers want a reliable, fuel efficient and cost effective power stations in emerging markets, there is only one place to go.

Dean Castillo shares, “It’s the standard of integrity that we presume needs to be at the absolute forefront of everything we do. We can say with confidence that we experience other corporate competitors ‘paying their way’ into the business.” He adds, “We strive to operational with true, fair, accurate business practices.”

Gruver’s company believes that Africa is an exciting place to be custom-designing portable, containerized generators, and permanent power plants, which offer desperately needed solutions to the expansive variety of power needs, and endow jobs and the vital sign over of skills, knowledge, et sequens technology. With the belief that Africa’s time has come, the crew that supplies diesel generators furthermore power plants solutions, stands ready to respond responsibly further to make a positive nuance in this great temperate and world-wide.