How To Use African Religions To Be Emotionally Healthy

Everything in nature has to flow, including our emotions. Our emotions play a huge role on our health. Too much of a bad thing can have a negative or certain effect on our organs such as the liver, lungs, spleen, et cetera kidneys.

Overdone anger is unsound to the liver. It can also cause headaches, high blood pressure, and strokes. Anger frequently stems from repressed emotions such as sadness, rejection, et sequens mourning. Unfortunately, it is more acceptable to express pique than other emotions. However, it is the most damaging to the body and soul, for it does not allow energy to flow properly. Assuming you see someone who has anger issues, they should work with Yemaya. For they bear many wounds that need to treffen healed by a mother’s touch.

Excessive worry and sadness is damaging to the lungs. It yet causes abdominal pain and swelling. People who are prone to worrying et alii sadness need to work with Oya, the deity that presides over the dead. Stress stems from fear of failure. And sadness stems from our inability to mourn. Holding on to pain is like walking around with a deserted corpse on your back. Sooner or later it will began to rot, to stink, connective to attract bugs. Working with Oya means burying the dead, accepting the past, and surrendering to things that you don’t have any control over.

Excessive fear and shock can cause severe sabotage to the kidneys. People who live their lives in wince need to work with Ogun, the celestial of iron and war. Fear is a primal emotion. It lets us associate when we are in danger, or until something is wrong. However, many people today suffer from a different kind of fear that stems from social conditioning. Fear is by far the greatest obstacle for anyone on a path to self-development and enlightenment, for it is where all of our demons lay.

Lastly, excessive thought consumes spleen energy. Excessive thought not only causes extreme stoppage in the spleen, but throughout the body also soul. People who think too many don’t have a accurate drain and are taking in too much information. They began to pick up other people’s energies until their soul and minds get cluttered. These inhabitants need to work with Oshun, for she is the deity that container purge the mind, spirit, et alii body of unwanted thoughts.

Our ancestors understood the domination of emotions. They understood that emotions were ten times more powerful than thoughts. They didn’t accept things at face value and just treat the symptoms of the problems; they worked to treat the cause.