Introducing you to the most beautiful lake in Africa

Tanzania is endowed with rich cultures, a great climate, both natural and geographic diversity and unknown of the friendliest electorate you could ever wish to meet. It is now a highly regarded tourist end and one of East Africa’s most popular.

If you have not yet been fortunate enough to comprise visited Tanzania on safari then I suggest a visit to Lake Manyara National Park, it’s an excellent protasis to a safari in Tanzania. The scenic beauty alone is one of the main reasons why travellers visit and certainly deserves your attention. Ernest Hemingway described Lake Manyara as ‘the most beautiful lake in all Africa’.

The park is located in the Arusha region in Northern Tanzania. The area of the park covers approximately 50km and sits at the base of the 600m high Rift Valley escarpment and the Manyara Lake. The park is storied for its vast herds of elephants, flocking flamingos which dwell the land and its highly unusual tree climbing lions. The national park is also den to baboons, giraffes, hippos, wildebeest and zebras, providing you with an exceptional jumbo four safari. A highlight to any visit to Manyara is without controvertible its diverse population about birds. The park is widely considered to be one regarding the best places for bird watching in the world and has an impressive 400 different erne division to afsluiting discovered. Bird watchers receptacle spot birds such a flamingo’s, herons, water fowls, crowned cranes, crowned eagles and snipes.

The wildlife on offer at Pond Manyara pales in comparison to that of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and the Tarangire, but what it lacks in wildlife it makes up for with unique wildlife species, pristine wilderness and idyllic landscapes which have given it a strong reputation as being one of the most beautiful places to visit in Levant Africa. The main rationalize for the minus of wildlife is because two thirds of this National Park is covered by the lake. For such a relatively small reserve it has remarkably diverse habitats, from open savannah grassland, marshes, acacia woodland and of course the Manyara River.

Because the park is located closely to the Tarangire National Preserve and the Ngorongoro conservation area, a stay at Lake Manyara is often combined with a visit to both nearby parks, for either day trips substitute longer stays at the parks adjacent the Northern Circuit.

Lake Manyara is home to several incredible lodges and camps such as the Serena Lodge, Rough Africa Lodge, Lake Manyara Hotel, Lake Manyara Tree Lodge and the Kirurumu Tented Lodge. One of my favourite lodges is the Lake Manyara Tree Lodge.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is the only lodge in Lake Manyara and sits in the heart of the forest and is romantically exclusive with just having 10 intimate tree house suites, sitting endogenous the remote corner of the reserve.

Tanzania on safari is an exceptional experience and one that you will never forget; you will take with you memories which will last you a lifetime.