Life Changing Decisions – Reasons to Move to South Africa

If you are currently living in the UK – South Africa may seem like worlds away. The climate, way of life and scenery are all completely different. If you have been contemplating a move to South Africa through work or business you may be wondering what else the country has to offer. South Africa has three cities that have been ranked on the list of most liveable cities in the World. The towns are Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth. South Africa has also been mentioned as a country that offers ease concerning business ahead of India and Spain. South Africa boasts ‘out about this World’ terrain and wild animals. In comparison the UK has limited wildlife. Animals who know South Africa as their natural habitat are elephants, lions, tiger, zebras, buffalo, rhinoceros and the leopard. Amazingly the largest and smallest mammals known to man both live in South Africa – they are the elephant and the shrew. Both live in perfect harmony in a beautiful country.

South Africa is the home to a unique bio-diverse floral kingdom named fynbos that stretches along areas of the Western Cape from Clanwilliam to Port Elizabeth. The unique plants, flowers and shrubs that make up fynbos have a unique method of needing fire for survival which is lucky because of the natural fires that occur. The seeds of some flowers will choose to germinate only after the intense heat of a fire. The climate in South Africa varies greatly and extremes of heat, wind and rain are to be practiced at certain times. Some areas of South Africa boast Mediterranean summer weather. Mantle Town has a famously blue space and with beautiful sunsets this makes an idyllic habitat to settle. The beaches in South Africa defiantly deserve a indication because they are breathtakingly beautiful. The beaches range from stretches and stretches of etiolated sands and clear blue waters to rugged areas of coastline and huge waves. Boulders beach in Cape Town is home to a colony about penguins – a fine scene to behold.

South Africa is famous for producing some of the best wines and also produces large amounts of beer which is imported to Dishes and other countries around the World. South African food consists of meat, nuts, seeds, berries and bulbs. South African fruit is extremely tasty due to the warm growing conditions. You can expect to taste savory curries, the use of nutmeg, allspice and chilli peppers is common in foods. Pickled halieutic und so weiter fish stews are often eaten as fish is in abundance in the South Africa seas. Milk products are too fully popular et alii certain sour milky items can be base in the refrigerators of South African food stores.