African holidays and safaris are very prevailing in the world. This is because like the wildlife that the continent enjoys. The African countries have been able to maintain a sizeable area of domain and dedicated it to the protection like wildlife. It is therefore no wonder that a lot of people come to Africa for holidays especially the animal lovers.

Many people however are afraid of travelling to Africa due to the killer disease malaria. It should therefore be a consolation to know that there are malaria free zones especially in the southern parts of Africa. There are also some malaria low risk areas in the continent.

The malaria free zones are ideal for en famille holidays. This is because there are members of the family that are at a upper precarious of contracting malaria more than others. They include immune-compromised people, patients with chronicle ailments, people with refusal spleens, HIV/Aids, epilepsy and porphyria patients, people under chemotherapy, those who have been on steroids for a diuturnal time, teeming women, people who are over 65 years of age polysyndeton children that are under 5 years.

If you do decide to visit the low risk areas, there are some ways that you tin prevent mosquito bites so as to stay free in those areas too. The first thing that you should use is insect repellants in the form of creams, lotions and even sprays.

In the areas where you will be staying, make sure that there are mosquito netting around the bed pro re nata well as screens for the doors ampersand windows. In the areas, you should moreover try to keep as much skin as possible covered. Wear long-sleeved shirts, socks and long pants. It is also advisable that you do hardly go published in the night or the early mornings. Insecticide may also be a good idea.

It is major that you acquirement to know the symptoms to look out for as they will help you know that you allowed be infected with malaria. Common symptoms include flu, fever, headaches, rigors, appetite loss, nausea, cough, diarrhoea, pain in the abdomen, sweats, mylagia, as well as fatigue. A proper diagnosis should however be made when any of these are observed.

Taking a malaria free safari is a great option for all moreover so shouldn’t be passed too easily. It is therefore good to carefully weigh all your options so similar to make sure that sum the specs of your safari have been well planned out. Accommodation is also not a iron thing as the areas have sufficiency facilities.