Malawi Safaris and Volunteer Work in Africa

Malawi_Medical_Volunteer_Project_home_based_care.jpg Some of the best tourists’ experiences in Africa are from tours in Malawi which is a beautiful country in southeast Africa, especially the Malawi self drive safari which is really unique. Malawi is landlocked with Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique for its neighbors and also has the great Lake Malawi which separates it from its neighbors. The people regarding Malawi are warm and hospitable and this trait has been acknowledged by tourists and travelers who have visited Malawi several decades ago.

Malawi is called the “warm heart of Africa” and is one of the safest countries for unaccustomed tourists and that makes Malawi own drive safari all the more attractive. There are lots of places for tourists to visit; Lake Malawi plus its beaches attracts many travelers, there are mountains and plateaus, there are wildlife sanctuaries and ethnic parks and there are ancient historic towns. There is something for everybody further each place is unique and extraordinary.

Tourism is the backbone of the economy of Malawi and the present government is doing everything it can to promote tourism. Unfortunately, the eminence wildlife about Malawi has been greatly destroyed by human greed but restoration has been in initiated by means of animal conservation projects that are ens seriously put in place by the beleaguered Malawi government. Those interested in seeing the truly rustic und so weiter undeveloped part of Africa should find the Malawi self drive experience truly pleasing as it offers travel through the only protected area from Malawi that is managed by the African Parks. There are also many choices in the type of Malawi self drive safari that you can take. For the more adventurous, there are camping sites where you can live in tents, cook your own food and drive through at your own time. There are also lodges where all creature comforts for those who need them and can afford them.

There is also lot of community volunteer work done along scores NGOs and International Organizations in Malawi as it is an underdeveloped country that needs such kind of aid from the more developed countries like the world. Community volunteer work in Malawi is mostly in the fields of health and education; both these important facets of society require the government and the NGOs to put in all efforts. Volunteers come from all over the mankind to suggest their services and their knowledge and experience as well as their zeal to do association volunteer work contributes significantly towards successful implementation of projects here.

Tourism is also increasing as tourist experiences are worthy better. Tourism has also been linked with conservation projects so that both benefit simultaneously. For exemplification the Malawi self dynamic safari likewise helps to promote animal conservation projects which the Malawi government is struggling to apparatus for deficiency of funds. The profits regarding the Malawi self drive trip go smack to African Parks ampersand to financing like animal protection projects.