Personal Concierge in the African wilderness.

When you think of concierge you think of a person substitute force at a hotel or apartment complex who assists guests with luggage, transportation und so weiter reservations. Having traveled a lot I find concierge services very important yet they are not taken seriously. The job of a doorman in most of the areas is to maintain customer satisfaction.
If any hotels or lodges have a concierge then there is chance that you shall not find so many people qued at the lobby to report all the kinds of funny group that happen in the lodges and tented camps in the African wild.

In this part about the African Sahara, not all places have the modern amenities. In such cases improvised services are always there to guarantee that these defects are least noted by the clients. When one dreams of a safari to Africa, mostly images of a remote areas and uncivilized people appear in mind. Although the pace is slow Africa and here in Kenya, development has taken over in one way or another we are becoming modern.

What happens when you are traveling to a lodge in the remote wilderness for an African safari and due when you landed or arrived you realize you left your pack of drugs or necessities in the city hotel. This is where a concierge comes in. Though a ail to you, a concierge makes sure that this is in the least your bother and you pursue with your scheduled activities without a hitch. In such an occurrence a concierge desire follow up from the city hotel, guarantee the lost parcel is put in the next scheduled flight /vehicle to the lodge. Your expectation is to find the parcel waiting for you at the hotel/lodge or camp lobby. Amazingly if you open the room after a game drive in the exceptionally vast African Savannah,the next item you see is the missing parcel on your bed. It for sure feels great to have someone do all this on your behalf without an extra charge.

Concierge services are hard to come by on a Kenya safari but where available the feel is extra special. From reconfirming your flights, engagement dinners, limousine services for that reinforcement unusual event and lunches concierge services should do all this.
However in some areas, concierge services are taken in a negative perspective. It is not mandatory to tip a concierge but if you are happy with her extra special service then you are not limited.

A concierge can give her extensive details as regards the location and primarily if in the Kenyan wilderness and this makes you palpable more at apartment though you are very far from home. A better knowledge of the place helps you rate ad recommend the place to future potential clients.