Scholl Heuter Consulting in Africa, Middle East and Caribbean

a97b6d4198470c7cc40986dd0f17427e.jpg You are about to make an investment. It is easy to just put cush on the line and hope for the best. However, if you want good and sustainable returns on your capital, it is better to seek professional assistance to appraise your investment projects.

Scholl-Heuter consulting gives you that professional expertise. When you poverty to make strategic decisions about investment projects, particularly in the technology space, Scholl-Heuter is the name to call on.

Scholl-Heuter is a private investment consultancy company founded in Vienna in 2001. Most of our clients are members concerning the venture capital community rapt in making technology investments in emerging and frontier markets.

Our fields regarding expertise include business incident and programma (helping to develop plus sustain profitable growth), telecommunications (providing business support to telecom companies, players in the e-commerce and internet business as well quasi ancillary in equipment procurement) and Academic – Commercial coalition and synergy (we help platonic institutions and companies to co-operate in the commercialization of research and innovation). We also render consulting services covering investment banking and securities, corporate and financial strategy as well as global strategy.

Currently, we have on-going projects in African countries such as Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia and Morocco. Also, we have major projects in Central America (Bolivia and Nicaragua) and the Caribbean (Haiti) as well as the Middle East (Egypt).

When Celtel needed to widen their GSM 900/1800 idea in Southern Nigeria, they called on the Scholl-Heuter team to provide consultancy services. Opposite projects in Africa that Scholl-Heuter has been involved in include the development of a data centre in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. This project helped increase internet penetration in Burkina Faso. Also, we provided business consulting support in the establishment of a plastic packaging plant in Angola. We have experience in supporting telecommunications projects in Africa as we provided business programma beam to MTC in Namibia when it wanted to bombard its 3G network.

Scholl-Heuter has also been involved in several energy projects. We helped in the concern development aspects of an electricity and carbon credit generating project in Cobija, Bolivia. In Nicaragua, we were tasked with providing a full economic business plan and property appraisal for the geothermal energy project in San Jacinto-Tizante.

Scholl-Heuter is not limited to technology or manufacturing projects. Our business expertise was called upon by the Haitian government to help in the competitive positioning of Haitian coffee to strengthen heighten exports. We have also been involved in education/research collaboration projects in Egypt and Kenya.

Our experts, drawn from a associate of in-house researchers and highly skilled freelance consultants, are able to provide bespoke solutions and strategies to our clients. We develop plans and strategies that fit in with our client’s partnership goals.

Although we provide problem-solving support that may be different depending on each client’s circumstances, we have a distinctive approach focusing on creating a big picture view, generating and mining data so as to provide a fact based solution to challenges, a multi-cultural approach and a respect for confidentiality in business dealings.