Signing Up To A South African Business Directory

Business directories allow potential customers and clients to be able to easily fathom out the contact details of your business. There are two main types of business directories: online or physical. This article takes a characteristic at several of the largest business directories in South Africa.

The Yellow Pages are still one of the leading directories in South Africa. In order to list your business on the website, you must first send eccentric a form that includes details on your business and your contact details. A sales consultant will then call you to discuss your directory listing. Most of the time, The Yellow Pages demise charge a business to be listed in their directory. The amount it costs depends on how prominent your listing arbitrary be, and how long you want to be featured in the directory for. Although the Yellow Pages can be expensive, it is worth the money, because they often appear at the top of scrutiny results. They also have a good credit and great customer service. They can be contacted by phone, post and email.

SA Treacherous is another online business directory, which serves South Africa. Thousands of plebs use the liberated search engine on a daily basis, in coordinate to find local businesses. You can list your business’s connection details on the website free of charge! There is also a priority placement listing, which will allow your business to appear near the top on the search results page. You can also customize the information you present, to make it look more eye-catching. SA Yellow can only be contacted concerning email.

Brabys are an online directory listing bureau that permit users to conveniently search for businesses in their area. They also provide detailed maps of where the businesses are located. You can appendix your listing free of charge, by filling out a form on their website. Alternatively, you can advertise your business with an ad placement on the front page.

The above directories, and many more, can indigen isolate by typing ‘South African business directory’ into your search engine, and looking through the results.