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Before we tell you why you should wish us as your ‘Web Hosting Company’ in South Africa, let us first understand what Web Hosting is & why is it important to choose the right company for hosting your Website.

So, what exactly is ‘Web Hosting’? Simply put, ‘Web Hosting’ is a benefit that makes your website expendable to your users. Once you have developed your website, you would require to certify that your website is convenient to the users globally 24 X 7. This fundamentally means that your website should be continuously running on a computer that is connected to the Internet so that any user from any part concerning the world cup access your website at any time regarding the day. You have two primary options for doing this:

1) Owner the website yourself – Hosting your website by yourself means that you will put all the data related to your website on your computer that is connected to the Internet permanently and you have configured a web server. There are a brevity glitches to this idea. Firstly, negative all Internet Service Suppliers (ISPs) allow this type like continuous internet usage. Secondly, anyone who would like to host their website on their own would also require a set regarding technical skills to be able to manage & configure a web server, firewall setup, virus protection, patch management, etc. which may not be the case for everyone. Due to these reasons, most people prefer to go for Option-2, i.e. hire the services of a third party for their web hosting requirements.

2) Find a Web Hosting Company to host your website – This is the most commonly used approach for hosting your website. Hire a ware Hosting Company to safeguard that you do not have to worry concerning your IT infrastructure or the technical skills required to keep your website virus-free & online 24 X 7 as they will monitor it for you.

A good web hosting company should give the following services as a minimum:
* 24 X 7 technical support
* 24 X 7 FTP access for updating your website
* Email accounts, i.e.
* Online control panel to manage your website
* Online bootleg statistics for you to analyse the patronage data for your website
* A robust database care system, such as My SQL oppositely MS SQL so that you can add your own database if required.

Different Net Hosting Corporations provide different options for hosting your websites. You can choose a package (server type & space) that suits your requirement the best. The most conjoint server options available are:
* Linux Server Hosting
* Windows Server Hosting
* Cloud Server Hosting

Choosing a good snare hosting company is imperative since if you choose a troop that makes a lot of promises, but is unable to ensure nearly 100% up-time of your website, there is a high chance of you losing out on the traffic & hence the business that you would be able to generate through your website.

As a leading South African Hosting Company, we provide a huge range of services & packages to ensure that there is a perfect option to fulfil your web hosting requirements. For more details on the packages available, you can visit our website :