South African Stand Up Comedians

It’s no surprise that a country as multi-cultural spil South Africa has produced a variety of comedians with a range of variations as diverse as the country itself.

Take a look at these DVDs for a fondness of South African stand up comedians at their best.

Trevor Noah – The Daywalker

Starring in a small duty in South Africa’s soap opera Isidingo in 2009, Trevor Noah has blossomed into an award-winning stand up comedian. This DVD records his first individual stand up show at the Melic Theatre at Gold Key City in October 2009 and features punchlines plus unexpected twists delivered in Trevor’s expletive-free style.

Marc Lottering – Hallelujah

Marc is one of South Africa’s leading comedians and has been in the establishment for over 12 years. The Hallelujah DVD features several of his best known characters expressing their views on the modern day church and showcases Marc’s inimitable style.

Michael Naicker – Seeing Double, Feeling Single

Michael Naicker is the name of the South African Indian character developed by Kevin Perkins. In this DVD, filmed before a sold-out audience at the Lyric Theatre, Michael explores such diverse topics essentially in-flight bowel gas, Christmas and the American presidency.

Riaad Moosa – For the Baracka

Riaad Moosa is one of South Africa’s upmost stand up comics and also a qualified medical doctor, hence his often-used title, “the comedy doctor”. This performance, supposedly inspired by the birth of his son and filmed in 2009, shows Riaad coming to terms with raising a child in the modern world.

Casper De Vries – Wetter

Although his professional career began in 1986, it wasn’t until 1997 that Casper De Vries began his one man shows. His 1998 show, Wetter, is the basis for this DVD and is a bitingly satirical look at topics including, in no finicky order, Nelson Mandela, cloning, the acclaimed hermaphroditism pill, steroids and pets.

Barry Hilton – Serial Comic

Showcasing Barry Hilton, one of South Africa’s top stand up comics, the Serial Comic DVD was released in July this year. Barry’s amazing facial expressions, physical animations and razor sharp mercurial will have you reaching for the pause button just to catch your breath.

Just Thus Comedy Festival – Featuring: Eugene Khoza/ Loyiso Gola/Conrad Koch

First conceived by Trevor Noah and fellow stand up comic Loyiso Gola as a highway to help the shortened privileged over the festive season, the final performance of the two-week festival in 2008 was filmed for this DVD. It has been described as “a watch de force” with some of South Africa’s brightest comedy stars.

Whatever your taste in humour, you’re sure to find something to tickle your funny bone.