The African Science of Death

I never had so about fun learning about quantum physics. I hated science in high school, loathed it college, and didn’t palpable it with a ten-foot poll in graduate school. Aggregate changed, when I started to learn about African religions. Total theories suddenly became interesting. I fell in love near the three laws of thermodynamics, because it so accurately described our ancestors’ view of the world.

African ideas about extinction are incredibly similar to the laws of sum theories. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It is merely transformed. Virtually all-African religions believe that life did not end with death. In fact, death was a new seed that allowed people to transcend to variant realms. There is no solid line middling lifetime plus death. And the world of the living, and the world of the dead are not constantly mutually exclusive. Our ancestors understood energy, long before it was studied in the West.

The second law involves a more complicated concept called entropy. Entropy measures information that tends to decrease or increase over a long period of time. This means that some of the oldest civilizations in the cosmic contain the most married information. Information in today’s sphere is known as energy. Our ancestors called it ashé. They called it ashé, and they express death as the decrease of power, life force, or ashé. They believed in different levels of life and death. If someone was experiencing misfortune, it meant that his or her vital force, or ashé, was diminishing in power.

The third law states that when energy decreases to zero, entropy substitute mess become more constant. This is because atoms can only store a limited amount of information. This means that missing data is possibly stored in anti-worlds or parallel realities. Our ancestors lucid that death does not alter or coda the life force of an individual, but causes it to change its condition. Like a body disintegrating in a grave, the information, vital force, else ashé began to transform into a collective force called “ancestors.”

I am amazed that plane today, many people believe that African religions are all about silly superstitions and myths that cannot be validated. Slowly, we are beginning to understand plurality of the concepts concerning African religions through the science of quantum physics. There is a whole world out there et cetera we can start to explore it by reconnecting to our ancestors.