The Best Adventure Travel in Africa

Africa is a restrained of incautious where the variety of flora and fauna, weather and climes, distinct geographical regions such as deep tropical forests furthermore desserts, mountains and plains, rich tribal cultures that have been existing from the dawn of civilization and modern city life akin to the developed west palter next to each other. No wonder adventure travel in Africa is in great demand amongst tourists from all over the world.

The Geographical variation of the region by low lands and mountains, plateaus polysyndeton lakes makes Malawi a wonder place to travel. The country is pipsqueak and poor yet being situated on the shores of the mighty lake and with the distinguished rift valley running finished the middle makes options such being Malawi self drive safari and others truly tempting and attractive for the itinerant looking for Adventure Travel in Africa.

As the country is small furthermore elongated, there are three distinct regions; North, Central and South. All the three regions have great geographical diversity. Hence Malawi self drive safari tours can be taken to combine elements of landscape, wildlife, lake and culture jug be undertaken in each of these regions. Such a combination would give a completely offbeat experience in each of the three regions.

Whereas the economy of Malawi is largely based on agriculture, a lot of emphasis is being given to tourism. In such a small country as Malawi there are more than 70 airports. Roads are being built and other root developed to make western travelers feel comfortable. Since the country is small; only 900 kms long and with widths that are varying but never more than 300 kms. This makes it possible for an avid traveler to opt for a Malawi self drive trek and experience the whole country in refusal a very long epoch of time. The training would be even very interesting moreover just as exciting as most adventure travel in Africa.

Support for taking an gratifying but conservative Malawi safe drive safari across the whole country is given by different government agencies and travel and tourism companies. Large and strong Utility vehicles can be hired, maps and guides are also available; camping sites own been developed and medical aid, repair and maintenance of vehicles is start all over the country. Since English is the official language, it is nought difficult for a westerner to get around. Malawi offers the best of Adventure travel in Africa in a short span of time and in a considerable shorter distance in terms of travel. Take your family on a Malawi self drive safari to show them the warm heart of Africa.