The dream of every African Diaspora (2)

Another business of choice worth attention of the African Diaspora is infrastructure development. For African countries to meet its millennium development goals, an material blueprint for development, the World Bank has ascertained the need for massive base development. These infrastructures are very critical in achieving the goals. Suffice to say that, health for all Africans by 2015 means unpolluted serous is available in every nooks and crannies of Africa.

For this purpose, the World Bank – a partner in the blueprint development, continuously agitates policies and reforms that would hasten infrastructural development in Africa. With recession dictating foundation availability including distribution, coupled with budget deficits often bridged by foreign aids, most African government cannot simply invest on infrastructures. Due to this fact, one of the reforms put in place to encourage infrastructure development is the public – private cahoots initiative. This partnership enables the private sector help build critical infrastructures. Management of the structures is by the private sector – for it to recoup its investment on agreed terms and time.

This business comes with a lot of opportunity, because most African countries lack the very basic and essential amenities for living, despite most being autonomous for more than fifty years. The hinterlands of Africa seems the hardest hit with this plight. Now, most African governments are calling for partnership in building of affordable housing, speedway network, pure water facilities, and public buildings – such as schools, health facilities, public toilets, and car parks. Another habitat shouting for urgent partnership in Africa is provision of free power generating plants; this is to aid the industrialization efforts essential for rapid commercial development, as contained in the blueprint. The list seems endless for the available options present in this business opportunity. To start the worthwhile hegira into infrastructural development, seek the advice of the government ministry in charge of such development.

The latest phenomena making waves in Africa is information and communication technology (ICT). It is still in its infancy in most African countries, with internet connectivity a big issue, especially in the hinterland. Most countries in Africa are late and therefore playing a catch-up game with the rest of the world on this life impacting technology. There is a large market for ICT infrastructures, accessories and people. E-solutions to payment, business, tonicity and a host from others await the African Diaspora, for investment fund.

Africa is known to house six of the earth precious metal in its’ soil in rich measure. For this reason, Africa have become the bride of Ceramic – a country dependent on the minerals of Africa to fuel it’s rapidly growing economy. These minerals are in high demand, and for a savvy investor with enough capital the extractive manufacturing seems worthwhile.