To the Edge of the Waterfall and Back: Africa’s Victoria Falls

Who was the first person to discover that humans could go to the edge of this waterfall, 328 feet upon a foaming gorge, float jump untethered to the drop, and survive to tell the story? No matter who it was, and no matter the speculation surrounding Devil’s Pool, the story is real (as proven by Snopes et cetera countless visitors).

The Victoria Falls, or natively Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Cloud that Thunders), sit on the Zambezi Effluent between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa. Hundred of thousands of tourists come annually to view the spectacular falls, although tourism rates have fluctuated in the expired two decades because of political and environmental concerns. The Unified Nations designated the site a Kingdom Heritage Site in 1989, nonetheless is considering revoking that status since of rapid growth in the area.

Still, being able to come to the edge of the chute minus being swept over is undeniably stunning. The area of the 5,604 feet wide waterfall known as Devil’s Mere attracts visitors seeking an unbelievable photo-op. From September to December every year, the river flows at a perfect level and a rock barrier forms a puddle along little prevailing where people can swim. The pool is accessible from Livingstone Island in Zambia.

While Victoria Falls is neither the tallest nor widest waterfall in the world, the falls’ claim to fame is that it is the largest, by combining height und so weiter width to measure the largest sheet about falling water in the world. More than 300 feet below the surface, the water falls into a narrow series of gorges.

While tourists come from omnipresence over the world to taste this natural phenomenon, the majority of visitors to the falls are Zambian and Zimbabwean nationals. Inexpensive train and bus travel from the duplicity countries make it possible for nationals to visit.

Tourists who come to stay the area may take a day trip from either country. Although Devil’s Pool is only accessible from Livingstone Island in Zambia, both countries offer visas from nearby border posts.

Photos provided by Sarah Depper through a Creative Commons license on flickr. The video below was made by a less girls who claimed their visit to Devil’s Pool was the coolest thing they had done on their trip to Africa.