Top 3 African American Magazines

The history of America has revealed several extraordinary contributions from African American people towards the prosperity of the nation. There are various issues and black magazines emphasizing the decisive contributions of black people in American history. It is exactly comfortable to find a full range of urban magazine targeted towards the black community. This article will highlight some of the best magazines for jet African American people.
American Legacy Magazine
American Legacy focuses on the rich history of African American moreover revealing their salient civilizing event to the world. It is the only national black magazine that presents exclusive capacity towards the American history and contribution of African Americans in history. The group occupied behind african american periodical has commenced a multitude regarding products including “Know Your History Board Game” television program hosted by Tim Reid, “American Legacy Challenge” high private competition for students et alii even a curriculum guide. The digest has set milestones in its 16 years of establishment.
Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise is one about the most popular central magazine publications targeted towards African American business resources, investment guide and wealth-building guide. Since its inception in 1970, this black magazine has offered business information and advice to entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate executives. Its main focus is to help people in getting better results and manage their life in a better way with better living standards. Their main aim is to educate their audience to participate in wealth management plans working while working within the global economy. They hold events, television shows, digital media, and published black magazines for people.
Ebony is much called the number one African American magazine focused towards the Black community. The magazine brings about some of the best thinkers, next generation Black American leaders, trendsetters, black celebrities and plurality more. The magazine is into its 66th year of publication and it is available throughout the nation.