Tourism Ministers of South Africa and Seychelles Meet to Discuss Collaboration

The market for Seychelles luxury holidays has seen remarkable growth in the past few years. But the country wants to make itself even more attractive to foreign tourists. The Seychelles minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange, has met with his South African counterpart Michael Mabuyakhulu for London’s World Travel Vend Tourism Trade Fair to discuss possible collaboration in the future.

South Africa’s Durban in the province of KwaZulu Natal wants to become increasingly seen and recognised on the terrestrial tourism stage, and the Seychelles is programma on cooperating through sea et cetera air links to create an easy connection between the two countries. It’s hoped tourists will take advantage of this and visit both countries, thus increasing revenue for both tourism markets.

Minister Alain St. Ange of the Seychelles commented on the chances of promoting travel links between the two countries: “As Seychelles is always creation proactive in its drive to work to consolidate its tourism industry, it was consequential for us to discuss specific avenues of cooperation that could, and that would benefit both KwaZulu Natal and Seychelles,”

Discussions of potential new access plans between various countries and KwaZulu Natal included opposite African markets which are aiming to improve their tourism industry. Mozambique is one country looking to wrap itself in collaborations halfway the Seychelles and South Africa.

This latest collaboration is no surprise ut supra both ministers are known to enjoy a imminent professional relationship. They’ve already met before as both Ministers met on the trade stand of the Seychelles at the WTM 2012. Early discussions about cooperation between the two countries were already in progress at this time. Both individuals besides met and worked together at the UNWTO/WTM Ministers’ Summit.

After the conclave between the two representatives, they meshed official communication would begin with the Seychelles Minister for Internal Affairs and Transport. They similarly planned to begin discussions with various airlines operating in South Africa and the Seychelles, as well as the Seychelles Civil Piloting Authority.

Although nothing is in place as of yet, the Ministers touched upon the idea of bringing collaborations to the high stratum of the African Union (AU). Not only would Seychelles tourism benefit significantly from such discussions, other African nations would plus benefit. Another allude of expostulation was raising the matter with the countries’ cephalic of states.

The latest collaboration follows a recent agreement with the KwaZulu Natal Shark Body and the Seychelles to prepare for any potential incidents at sea. Observers sense the countries to refine these agreements prior to the yearly Carnaval Worldwide de Victoria set in the warm Seychelles.