What type of African safari should you go on?

Choosing what type of African exploration you want to go on is most people’s first stumbling block when they are planning their African safari that this will often underpin and decide your safari destination as each destination in Africa offers lone types of safaris to the other.

So I thought I would provide a greater insight into the types of safaris there are out there for you to choose, which will finally sustain you to choose your African safari destination.

Guided safaris – this is the most common form of safari, with a vastity majority of camps and lodges offering this form of safari to its visitors. This takes the crystallize of a game drive, where a specialist guide of the sympatric will route you through your wildlife experiences on safari. Every camp in Africa is different but the majority of guided safaris take place in the early hours concerning the cockcrow and along the evening, because they provide the outdo opportunities for spotting game. What attracts most holiday makers to this form of safari is the reliance on the tour guides knowledge and tracking skills, which will enable you to see the exact animals that you wish to see. If this is your first time on safari and require a stress free and exclusive experience consequently I would strongly recommend this form of safari.

River safaris – offer unique opportunities of experiencing wildlife, offering entirely different and more relaxing experiences than what you would find on a guided safari, it can be an awe inspiring site spotting a herd regarding elephants floating across the river, or being within touching distance of a hippopotamus on the river bank. The foremost locations in Africa for a river safari are in Botswana and Tanzania along the Chobe National Park and Selous Game Reserve being a highlight. For those of you who would like to prove your hand on at fishing, it is a possibility to extend your safari on boat by adding some fishing to your itinerary, with some of the best river fishing taking place on the Zambezi river in Zambia and Tanzania.

Horseback safaris – proposal incredible game viewing ampersand the felicity of riding horses across awe inspiring landscape, the riding on safari is often varied, quietly walking, stalking big game and admiring the bird life, where as other times you vessel canter through the landscape alongside galloping zebras and gazelle. The best horseback safaris steal place in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi and South Africa.

Walking safaris – are an incredible way to explore Africa, and are a world apart from taking a 4×4 safari. This type of safari is all about quality and not quantity, you move at a slower place but when you step out on safari you will become undivided with nature and heighten your senses.

Now that you accept a greater insight into some of the types of safaris that there are available you should not be able to choose your African safari destination.