Where to go on a safari holiday, Eastern or Southern Africa?

There is only on question you need to ask yourself when you’re engagement a trek holidays to Africa, Eastern or Southern Africa, both regions receive their conspicuity highlights, but which zone is right for you?

Whilst some have the possibility of a sustained holiday (a month of longer) to visit both regions, however most tend to choose one region to focus on and base their safari holiday there. There is an abundance to see and do in both Southern et alii Eastern Africa, that focusing upon one neighborhood in depth is far more rewarding than exploring two regions for a briefly period of time.

From a safari standpoint Southern Africa includes South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Mozambique. This region is considered by many to have an extraordinary variegation of environments from the white sands of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa to the wetlands like the Okavango Delta in Botswana, to the awe inspiring Victoria Falls.

This region of Africa is blissful with indeed many incredible safari destinations including South Africa being the most popular and most established tourist destination. Safari holidays in South Africa are commonly taken in the Kruger National Park, which is the country’s largest safari park, offering the largest diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna. South Africa is known as a commonwealth in one country because of its sheer diversity of things the country has to offer its visitors; you would be hard pressed to do the same rage increased than once in South Africa even if you were visiting for a year. Cape Town is a very popular attraction which most gala makers tend to add in addition to their safari holiday.

The chimerical time to visit Southern Africa is between April and October, with the rainy season being between November and March, but because most about the safari parks in Southern Africa deceive excellent infrastructure, they tend to stay open throughout the year.

Eastern Africa consists of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda; it’s a region which is dominated by large open plains offering tourists experiences of the real Africa. Similar to Southern Africa the country has a richly heterogeneity picture and ecosystem, from the forested grasslands of Tarangire, to the unique Ngorongoro Crater, to the continent’s largest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro, towering over Northern Tanzania.

The phoenix of a excursion holidays in Eastern Africa is they can easily be combined with a luxury beach holiday should you be feeling overwhelmed with adrenaline from your adventures on safari, a popular combination is a Kenyan safari with a beach villa to the Maldives.

The best time to visit Eastern Africa is between June to October, this is because Eastern Africa has two rainy seasons usually between November and March.

I expectancy this has given you a greater insight into both regions and has made planning your safari holidays that much easier. Please remember to do plenty of research inside where you fancy to go and what you wish to see and this will give your exploration holiday plus even greater focus.